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  1. it has nothing to do with the games themselves giving the error message. It would be the emulator on the 3DS that gives any error messages about crashing
  2. if a virtual console game crashes it wont crash the 3DS itself. It will probably have an error message then restart the game
  3. Welcome to the forums ^.=.^
  4. Sorry I forgot to say welcome even though you messaged me already lol.
  5. I highly doubt they'll do any distributions of rare Pokemon for the rerelease. They probably will keep the game as is and not patch any glitches.
  6. That really isn't the same as having a restore point. A restore point/quick save implies that it can be manually invoked and reloaded at any time. It also has nothing to do with corrupting the save file as the save files are stored separate then what's saved in the pause menu. What restore points and quick saves do is copy the data that's loaded into the ram and save it to a file. When loaded it reloads the ram exactly as it was. In some consoles being emulated this could cause and issue for some games which. N64 is something that's always had a hard time being emulated so it makes somewhat sense that they would exclude certain features that other emulated console have. Even emulators on PC for N64 had really slow development and were pretty garbage up until a year or so ago. We can go on and on but the simple fact is that they are all being emulated and are not ports. If you would take the time to look into it you would know this. Also believing that they would remove that function from the 3DS just for the Pokemon games is ridiculous and is a different scenario then N64 emulators not having the same function. Something else you have to recognize is that they use a different emulator for each console that they're emulating. If there were already Gameboy games on virtual console on the 3D that lacked this function then you would have a base for an argument about the possibility of it being removed for those games specifically. We got really off track from the point I was trying to make.
  7. Four Swords Adventures was a Gamecube game completely different to the DSi we are refering to and I know it 's not on the store anymore because it was a limited time release. Because no virtual console games on the Wii have restore points and all 3DS virtual console games do. They didn't introduce restore points for virtual console titles till the 3DS came out and they don't care about people cheating on generation 1 games and they're not going to change the emulator just to prevent that. You fail to understand how their emulator they use for virtual console works. Each virtual console title that you download is an emulator with a rom file inside. It's essentially a wrapper for a rom. Assuming they would remove the restore point feature present in all other gameboy virtual console titles is nonsense. There most likely wont be a link cable option in the virtual console menu for the pokemon games. What they're going to do is use the 3DS's native player search function and connecting to the link cable center will make some sort of menu pop up to select a local player. I'd be surprised they would remove it because that's more effort then just putting the rom onto the emulator and putting on the store like they could have anytime they wanted to.
  8. Virtual console works the same on the 3DS, Wii and WiiU. It doesn't matter what system. None of the 3DS GBA games from the Ambassador program run in 3D. I don't understand where you're getting these facts from. The only games that run in 3D on the 3DS are 3DS specific games. nothing virtual console will run in 3D. Four Swords Anniversary Edition on the DSi was an enhanced port of the original game for the DSi and not the 3DS. The 3DS is able to play it because it is a DSiWare game. They also added new levels and wireless multiplayer. It is the only game like this and is not a virtual console game. Especially since the DSi did not have virtual console. Literally the reason that GBA games aren't emulated is because they run on the firmware's DS mode instead of coding a new emulator for them. This is why the games do not pause or support sleep mode while the 3DS is shut. Pokemon will most definitely have save points as it will run in the standard Virtual Console Gameboy emulator. If it were a port they would not be labeled as Virtual Console. The name Virtual Console refers to the fact that the games are emulated. They're not changing anything about the games. The only thing they've done is enable their emulator to emulated a link cable through the 3DS wireless signal. They haven't touched the rom files in any way just like the rest of the virtual console games. Trust me I know these things very thoroughly. I suggest you read these http://nintendo.wikia.com/wiki/Nintendo_3DS_Ambassador_Program https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Console
  9. No they're all emulated besides GBA games on the 3DS. That's why you can extract roms for them. Especially with Gameboy Games. They use to have an exploit that let you swap the rom used using the web browser. There's nothing for them to fix. The way GBA games work is the same as how DS games work on the 3DS. From what I know about it you can't access the home menu while playing GBA games on the 3DS just like when playing DS games. I suggest actually researching this stuff before making claims.
  10. The CPU in the original gameboy is 8bit. And I know the 3DS can do Gameboy Advance games but the issues is that Nintendo hasn't released any of Gameboy Advance games to the general public and haven't added more of them since 2011 when the system came out. Also I have researched and it turns out the 3DS doesn't actually emulate Gameboy Advance games. Apparently it underclocks itself and runs them natively so adding multiplayer to it on the 3DS would be a major issue. I don't think HG/SS will be released on the 3DS. I don't think I would want it on the 3DS considering how poor quality the 3DS is at upscaling DS games and washes out the colors.
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