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  1. Fahn

    Dark Souls 3

    Who else is hyped?!
  2. I pretty much only play Dark Souls
  3. I get those on Skype all the time. It's fun to mess with them because they're bots.
  4. Fahn

    Rating Music

    Honestly not a fan at all of contemporary Christian music. I do like the folksy/bluegrass elements to it, but it's just not my cup of tea. Then again, my music isn't most peoples' cup of tea, either. Deep Forest - Viva Madikeri
  5. Hrraiusg'mhaat!

    1. Spirit Bear

      Spirit Bear

      What does that mean? It looks like Tagalog.

  6. Fahn


    8D I love it!
  7. Right after I get a tablet too... cruel irony. Anyway, the computer boots, but the screen is black and caps lock blinks once a second. I have an HP. Anyway, I read that the blinking and black screen means the CPU needs reseating. What does that mean? If it means having to get a new laptop, I can kiss my tablet goodbye.
  8. ah, I see. I was putting the address in wrong. thanks Flech :3
  9. Elaborate please, as I am still lost. XD It keeps telling me that the host is unresolved...
  10. How do you set up christianfur's channel through andchat?
  11. * norzman5 hugs Flechmen /me does too
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