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  1. You don't need staff approval to make new threads.
  2. One of the most important things with lighting is to choose the direction or directions the light(s) are coming from and to carefully consider where the shadows would then fall. For example, most of the shadows in this pic are on the lower right side. So, the highlights in the eyes should be on the upper left. There shouldn't be shadows on the left side of things (like muzzles) so much. Hope this helps! ^^
  3. They're probably cleverly hidden behind those giant cookies.
  4. Greetings furs. It's with great pleasure i announce that Norzman5 has been promoted to the position of administrator. he will now be responsible to help set site policy, and make leadership decisions. *Offers hugs and cookies*
  5. Dissociative identity disorder and other psychological disorders are extremely difficult to deal with from an Admin point of view at times. I would say we have to treat each body as a single person and limit one account to 1 body. The best i could suggest is that maybe include a note in your signature or mention who's talking.
  6. How are you posting here if your password isn't working?
  7. This is a quick list to detail who all holds a staff position on Chiristianfurs.net Administrators: Adair Alsek norzman5 Forum Moderators: Rukh_Whitefang Forum Observers: TheLittleOne? Ministry Leaders: Direlda IRC Staff norzman5 Jude Syruss
  8. Congratulations to Rukh as well who has just moved into a Moderator position.
  9. Congratulations to Norzman5 for moving into a moderator position! Let there be cake! ...No-one tell the bride.
  10. I'll close the new one once this is worked out.
  11. All users will have to reset their password on the new forum. The passwords are stored in an encrypted format for your protection, but that means we were unable to convert them durring the upgrade. Please use the password recovery feature ASAP. I have found it to take a few hours. The sooner you use it, the sooner you can gain access. If you use the password recovery feature and do not receive an email within 12 hours, PlEASE email me at [email protected] for help! Regards, Alsek
  12. You could always email one of us... The password recovery system has been a bit slow. It took mine a coulple hours at least to get the email. If this is still an issue in a few hours, post here and i'll reset your PW when i get home from lab. If anyone else is having trouble, please email me at [email protected]
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