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  1. Due the FurAffinity site Downtime I've extended my Auction by two days. It now ends October 17th @midnight (Friday) This who wish to bid may do so here or on my Weasyl post https://www.weasyl.com/submission/735627/halloween-ych-auction-comfy-pumpkin-just-resting
  2. Hey guys just wanted to chare my auction with you guys encase any of you would be interested There 3days left to bid. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14684098/ °°°Image is fully customizable! Choose costume type, Can change prop character is holding, Pumpkin can be carved or left as is, Treat bag can be decorated or changed to bucket. Costume can be added. ANY GENDER!!! Any SPECIES!!! °°° RULES°°° - I won't change the pose(depending on species I may tweak it a bit to fit) - Do not bid if you do not have the money, please. - Remove/add accessories (see above for other options) - I accept E-Transfer(Canadians only) or Paypal - You have 48 hours to pay after the the auction ends, otherwise the win will go to the person who bid before you. - I will add 5 minutes if the last offer is at the end of the auction.(No Sniping please) °°°End Date°°° October 15th @Midnight! (EST) _________________________________________________________________ °°°Starting bid $15 Min. Increase: $2 Auto-Buy: Make an offer °°°Ladder Options: $15 sketch $20 line art (option to add costume) $25 flat colors $30 colored and shaded with minor details $35 colored, shaded with simple background $40 colored, shaded and full background $50+ full detailed background and image textures. Goodluck and happy bidding
  3. Auction has ended! Thanks to those that bid. The winner has been notified and details have been discussed. Thank you! :3
  4. Highest bid has reached $100 x-x never thought it woul get that high xD
  5. Current bid is $12 on FA Edit: New hight bid is at $14
  6. The theme is trick or treating. Your (Feral)character after a night of trick or treating, hauling their over full bucket back home.....careful not to drop any It can be any species and it can be Male or Female This will be a feral only Auction! So no anthros! examples of quality: example 1 example 2 Starting bid will be $10! Min increment is $2 *Please comment below if you wish to bid* Or visit my FA link to bid there. ---> https://www.furaffinity.net/full/11791867/ Costumes are allowed of course The higher the bid, better the art and the more you get! ~*Auction will end on October 20th 2013!*~ Winner will receive the piece before the 31st! Happy bidding! ~Nova Caine
  7. All honesy I think Amnesia is a WAY WAY WAAAAAYYY better game than GTA will ever be. I have many reason as to why that game is awefull, But It'll saty on topic here.... Ans Yes I am excited for Amnesia:Machine for pigs. I might even live stream it in the dark I should invite some friends over while I do it. It will make for good night of scares hehe
  8. Yes less than a week actually xD I look forward to hearing from you again and your exciteing travles in Japan I also look forward to hearing form the rest of you aswell :3 Happy to work with anyone
  9. Hello all :3 This is where I'll be posting my artowrk and updates on commissions and what Check back occassionaly for updates and new commissons being offerd :3 I am open for Commissons :3 I've revised some of my prices too, so hopeful they work out a bit better for most of you I like to think my prices are reasonable, but if something doesn't work out for you I'm willing to haggle slightly depending on the commission. Here are my examples. ~Note: Additional character pricing may apply!* ~Just ask :3 Sketches: Head shot $3 Waist up $5 Full Body $7 Example Example Example Badges $10 (includes being inked,colored and shaded) Example Example Line-art: Head shot $5 Waist up $7 Full body $10 Example Example Example inked and colored: $15 (Shading is an additional $5) Example Example Example Example Ref sheets: $20 if you wish for me to make you one, I need all the details you can give me to make it accurate as possible to the character you wish me to draw. Example Example Example Example Complicated MS Paint portraits: $10 (inked,colored and shaded) Example Example Example I can also to traditional artwork(Markers,Pens,Pencils and inks) if you would like to see that over digital. Prices may vary for that however so please ask My current Que is endless. If you wish for your commission to be done by a certain time then you mus let me know or will not done on my time, Thank you. Things I will Draw: Furries, Anthro or Feral. Ponies Fantasy and Fiction Sci-Fi Mythical creatures(dragons gryphons,unicorns etc) Hybrids Mild blood or gore
  10. Look forward to seeing it :3 I should make a lil thread for my artwork x3 Also nice signarute xD (watches it to the tune of WOP)
  11. How come all these new user intorductions are being posted Oren otter and not the users themselves?
  12. Welcome to the maddness hehe Hope you enjoy it here and maybe see you on IRC sometime
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