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  1. Metal Deer Solid *thinks this may have potential*
  2. Welcome to ChristianFurs. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  3. Hello and welcome ^^ I hope you enjoy CF!
  4. Hello, and welcome to CF. May your stay here be much enjoyed.
  5. Rawr. I am wolf. Hear me rawr.

  6. Seven

    Minecraft Server

    PM or e-mail me, I would like to know more about this. Username: MCSTARX and ccrider00 (yes I have two, first one I use most often) I have hamachi and would very much like to join this server. ^-^
  7. Glad I read this. I was considering this same bad idea. Thanks for the honest review.
  8. Nice to meet ya! ^^ You remind me of this guy Gregor in one of my videogames... Gregor is pretty cool ^^
  9. The capitolization of the title has given me cancer. Other than that, sounds cool! ^^
  10. This can be a hard thing to work through. I would know from past personal experience. I would have to agree with Alsek that the best you can do is have one account and allow your alters to sign depending on who is in control. It would also be very wise to be sure people here know you have BPD/MPD. I would suggest putting a little note in your signature.
  11. I honestly have no idea. Once I got it booted, it started calling it cIOS so I am now clueless at this point except I know it's a firmware of sorts to allow software to control hardware. I will probably be playing Okami by tonight, I just need to install IOS222 or IOS249 and I can do it.
  12. Yeah, then that is probably more like 90% likely to be that same or very similar software. I haven't loaded it on my wii yet (I will in about an hour or so) but I've seen what it looks like and it does have that DOS feel and like you said, has no GUI of the typical user-friendly sort. Looks very much like the boot menu of my computer, but I think they were blue with white text instead of black with white. (Could startup text color be changed somehow/easily? Off-topic, but I'd love to if I knew how.) Oh wow, sounds like trying to play Okami on a wii emulator on my laptop! I was with one of my fur-friends at the time and he's played it before. Immediate response to the game speed was similar to that the game had just r*p*d my computer and it now was incapable of functioning well. Later comments got more appropriate, like plain killed my computer, but similar intentions. I also at that point tried touhou13 which somehow worked amazingly on my computer O-O only disappointment was that my favorite character (by visuals) had a giant pentagram as her special attack. .-.
  13. I would have laughed if my dad was not on the couch next to me X3 We were talking about the Wii, and I don't quite get why it's called IOS, which annoys me. About all I can piece together is it's likely to be more similar to Cisco IOS than (apple) iOS. Oh, and I've heard borderlands is good, at least worth a try or demo if there is one.
  14. Yeah, I can't get the new bootmii because the site went offline last night and hasn't been up since...
  15. nothing really >.< I want to jailbreak it but my dad is here now and he does not really want me to...
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