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  1. Bungie has announced their new game called Destiny! Check it out!:
  2. Welcome to our little corner of the internet! *gives a big lion hug* ^w^
  3. BJ is here!?!? Now it's a party! ^w^
  4. Hey there my new chicken friend!! I'm a lion! XD Enjoy your stay on the forums! ^w^
  5. Kitty!?!? I'm a lion!! XD Lions are kitties... really big scary ones. Oh don't you start now! XP
  6. Lack of weapon quality (the DMR is literally the only useful gun in multiplayer), slow running speed, grenade spamming, poorly designed maps, rampant credit boosting, poorly designed AI (enemies on Legendary are not smarter; they have more health and can snipe you with plasma rifles, making them more unfair than challenging), poorly designed betrayal booting system, Armor Abilities (with Jet Pack and Armor Lock being the worst), Armor Lock breaking the game and slowing gameplay, the ability for Armor Lockers to shed stuck Plasma Grenades (if you get tagged, you deserve to DIE), Jet Packers going outside of level boundaries and kill barriers to hide, Sword Base, cR instead of XP, boring campaign, Concussion Rifle spamming, Banshee and Warthog and Sniper Rifle whores, 10 year olds' screaming into their headsets every game, predictable spawns, spawn trapping, pathetic playlists, removing Squad Slayer, kill farming in objective games, overpowered melees, sprint double beat-downs, reticle bloom, frequent black screens, Focus Rifle, weak Spartan Laser, no grid-snapping in Forge, Kat's Driving, Emile's shotgun sniping, Jorge hiding from Grunts, Jun's betrayals, Needler and Armo Lock/Active Camo loadouts in Elite Slayer, Shotgun has poor range, Sword blocking... I could go on forever about all the faults in Halo Reach that make it the worst Halo game to date. A lot of that is trivial, and things that have been in Halo games for awhile. and some major things, like the bloom, has been taken out in certain playlists. I had much more fun with Reach's multiplayer than Halo 3's. And I loved the campaign. It's all preference I suppose. And I'm pretty sure the worst Halo game is ODST.
  7. I'd say that Halo 3 brought forge mode, but yeah, that's about it.
  8. I've been a fan of the Halo series since I was a second grader. Over the last decade the Halo franchise has supplied countless hours of fun for me and my friends. But now, after Bungie has moved on and Microsoft is taking it up, I have mixed feelings. On one hand I'm happy the franchise wont die out, on the other hand I really don't think that the series should make more games. At the beginning of Halo 1, you, the masterchief crawl out of a cryo chamber with the mission of saving humanity. Then in Halo 3, you crawl back into one, your mission completed. And masterchief utters the words, "Wake me when you need me." To me this was a perfect ending due to its symbolism. Bungie had meant to end the series on that note. But Microsoft had other plans. They couldn't watch one of their most profitable franchises die, because lets face it, they don't have much else going for them. So they made giving up the rights to Halo a deal breaker for Bungie leaving and joining Activision. And now, they will make a whole new trilogy. Considering that some of the things that held Halo back at times was Microsoft's imposed limitations. And now that the very company that imposed those limitations is now in charge of the whole project, it unsettles me. Will I buy Halo 4? Of course! For I am a fan. But for me, the true Halo ended with Halo 3. And I will be treating this new Halo trilogy as nothing more than corporately-backed fan-fiction.
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