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  1. A lot of things just happened. Q: Why were we down for... a while... A: As it turns out, our backup system was not functioning correctly, and it took a while to figure out how to get past that... unfortunately it took so long that were weren't able to ask our host for a higher level backup... Q: Hold up, what happened to the last 3 years of posts? A: Well... The backups stopped right before the database that holds all of the forum threads. SO the last clean backup we have of that is from 2015... BUT all of the user accounts and PMs should be current... I hope. Q: Wait aren't you a computer guy? Shouldn't you know better? A: I'm also a terrible person and very lazy Q: Everything looks so different! What happened? A: Well... part of why we were dealing with backups to begin with. Newly updated forum software! We'll sort out the themes and stuff here soon. Q: Wait, why'd you bother with all of that? I thought CF was closingA: Well.... CF is being taken under new ownership Yes, just in time for our 10 year anniversary (whaaaaattt) CF is being taken over by Fandom Ministries which consists of Thomas and Jude. Q: Will you or Norzman be around? A: Probably Q: 10 years really? A: November 2008! I'm tired, is it nap time? Q: So this means CF will be around more?? A: Yeah! I hope so anyway!
  2. There was also a server outage, so I don't know if people were even able to log in today to say Merry Chirstmas.
  3. Having it repaired will also mean you can sell it for a bit more if you decide to go that route.
  4. Repair people don't care. If it's still under warranty and they'll fix it for free, go for it. If you're worried that you'll use it for sinful things, put it away in a drawer or something when it comes back until you've sorted out your other issues.
  5. Such things require research. As for Cubot, basically they're the people that make the phones for bigger brands, and they're releasing their own designs... as a result, you just kinda need to hunt around on ebay for their devices...
  6. 1GB of RAM where the system doesn't spam-use too much of it, but leave at least 300MB free when the phone is in standby mode - That's a dismal amount of RAM for a phone anymore. Anything modern is going to have 2+GBs of RAM No audio latency or audio stuttering - Modern phones should not have issues with this Have Android 4.0 at least - 4.4 devices are common and cheap at the moment now that 5.0/.1 is out Be easily rootable with no risk of bricking - Not possible, there's always a risk with rooting, but you'll honestly be safe 99% of the time Need no need to root to make a screenshot - Only seen this on Samsung devices, but if you're rooting anyway, what's the point Have a camera that can focus good enough to take a picture of a drawing on a paper - Most phones that aren't super super cheapy ones should be fine with this Be stable while running Skype video call + Opera Web Browser + YouTube without terminating any of those - A function of the youtube app is that it terminates the video when minimized, same with Skype with video calls, so all devices will do this. Be viligiant to receive Skype messages as soon as possible when the internet connection is available - A function of the app, device-independent. Be able to remove Google account without having to reset the phone - A function of Android, device-independent. Be able to run Super Tux, Fun Run, Fun Run 2 and Dino Dash (one at the time) - any modern phone should have no problems with this Make difference between internal storage and SD card - Function of Android, device-independent. Doesn't have a weary flash storage memory - ?? Has at least 2GB of user-allowed storage memory - A game and Skype will consume this. I'm going to assume you meant 16. Obviously there's the suggestions for Samsung devices out there, a second hand Samsung S4 or Note 3 should do nicely and not be terribly expensive. But I don't know what's availble to you from a name brand device, you might want to check out Cubot phones, since China probably won't have shipping restrictions to Croatia.
  7. Belive it or not, my primary computer is a laptop... A gaming laptop, but a laptop none the less
  8. Flechmen

    Dark Souls 3

    But but... Fallout 4
  9. Honestly dude, your best bet might be looking into those special glasses. By "expensive" we mean like $50 for a pair of basically sunglasses that specifically block blue. Option 1 (an off brand maybe?) Option 2 (the name brand) Or I wonder if an OLED screen would be a better option, but those are going to be extremely expensive for a few years yet. What you're saying there is a lot to ask of a little Arduino (AVR), even a Mega. The screen modules for them are generally monochrome character-only displays. You can get graphical displays, but the way they're made, the Arduino just sends commands to it, I don't think you can drive them directly. The Kindle Paperwhite uses an E-paper touchscreen
  10. Usually pressure sensitivity is a desired thing. MS Paint?
  11. I've never seen issues like that in any graphics software, it sounds quite broken. I've never heard of Krita, but I know most digital artists seem to use PaintTool SAI or Photoshop, which both work nicely. I'm sure there's a way you can use GIMP with drawing tools (tablets and such) as well, but I don't know for sure. The minimal amount of drawing I've done has been in Sketchbook, which seems to work pretty well (and is free).
  12. CamStudio works too and is free, FRAPS or Action! works a lot better in my experience (although nothing beats an AverMedia capture device). Anyway, pretty cool Zvoc47. You remind me a lot of birgirpall with your friend there. The editing and sound effects are good, but that mic is almost painful to listen to. Also seems like the game audio isn't being captured directly by Hypercam, which using FRAPS or Action! could fix since those programs are more flexible and can let you record your mic and the game audio at the same time.
  13. Yeah, hey, if you're going to post stuff like this please credit the original piece
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