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  1. Today I ran across this: http://www.citizen.org/pressroom/pressroomredirect.cfm?ID=5724 (Also copied here: http://www.globalresearch.ca/secret-tpp-text-unveiled-its-worse-than-we-thought/5487015 ) relating to this subject. Needless to say this thing sounds rather bad.
  2. Greetings and welcome to the forum (there is an IRC chat as well, by the way), should you need to know anything in the realm of non-Christian religions/spiritual paths/whatever else they go by, or anything to do with mythology or even "conspiracy" stuff (though I much prefer the term Research.) ask me, I might know as those are my specialty areas, and if I don't I may know someone or someplace that may be useful for that.
  3. Nothing wrong with having no kids, that is okay. Welcome to the forums, should you need to know anything in a religious/spiritual area, or in a mythology area, or even things on "conspiracies"/cults and such, those are the areas I specialize in, ask me, I might know something, or if I don't I may know someone/somewhere that might. ^.^
  4. Haha well I try to only deal in legitimate info, reptilian david icke-y stuff I tend to file in the "disinfo" category. ;x
  5. Greets Byakko, yeah the "majority fandom" doth suck, at least there are places like this which are considerably better and reflect more the original intent. Welcome to the "minority" fandom. Just FYI I'm the resident mythologist (not "mythicist" which is an abominable term associated with neo-gnostic malarkey.) and researcher, mainly of religio-spiritual subjects (pagan religions, cults, etc.), but also of "conspiracy" and such things as well, so if you have a question in those areas, feel free to ask me, if I don't know, I may know someone, or someplace else to check. Best Regards.
  6. Can't say I really know of much Eagle, being as Japan has had religious issues for... hundreds of years, perhaps? with buddhism being the chief religion there, Christians are actually not a very big margin of society (apparently a little less than 1% of the population.), so I would imagine that demand is not high, some of the closest you might get is anime openings and closings, like for the "ah my goddess" OAVs, (despite the name, the original 90's OAV's main characters called such, are more appropriately angels as they all work for "Kami-sama", and have a form and function that is essentially angelic and decidedly not those of female deities, it is about as close to a Christian anime as you can get.) or the "Ai Yori Aoshi" opening and closing songs, they're Love songs, primarily, which seems about as close as one can get. Beyond that, I can't say I know of any jpop Christian music at all.
  7. For "feels" and Christian Music, its gotta be Plumb (with Sixpence None The Richer as a distant second). For more secular, yet traditional music, It is very hard to beat Wagakki Band. (Odds are you have not heard a koto, shakuhachi, or taiko drum like this before, I advise utilizing the "traditional japanese modern music" term as a search, and not having your volume too high haha.) They do also do regular not rock-styled music with just the flute, koto, and vocals, though. Aside from this I do like certain sorts of Anime Music, for instance the opening ( http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/aiyoriaoshi/towanohana.htm ) & ending ( http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/aiyoriaoshi/namoshirenuhana.htm ) songs for "Ai Yori Aoshi" and the ending song of "Karin" ( the lyrics are here: http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/karin/mouhitotsu.htm ). There are others I don't recall presently or don't know the lyrics to. Anyhow I find that my tastes don't seem to be confined to a given genre so much as songs on an individual basis.. and sometimes a good sounding song can have terrible lyrics (ever pay careful attention to the stuff played on the radio?). I do like me some midi sequenced versions of songs. (Saria's Song from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Zelda 64 and the theme for Zora's domain in that game being my favorites from the game.)
  8. Well this sounds like, in a nutshell, a turning of U.S. internet more towards the Chinese internet (read: communist/satanist-totalitarian), can't say that is surprising. Granted one way to get around that would be to disallow all media content (pictures, video, sound files etc.) but as for linking, well that would have to be spelled out in the rules I suppose (although disabling all hyperlinking could be done, it wouldn't be likely to make many folks very happy). Although this would only be the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as there are other "trade agreement" laws trying to slither by as well (TTIP I think it was?). We can be sure the internet at large won't go down (it has too much value to evil for that to be permitted by those serving evil, corruption of minors, child porn, black market dealing, disinformation and brainwashing/conditioning, propaganda campaigns, etc.) but that doesn't mean they won't try to expunge the good. I would also, in addition to contacting people, suggest praying against the evil trying to go afoot with this, that the scheme those who serve evil are trying to accomplish would fail... and if you do try to contact politicians etc. you might try asking God/The Holy Spirit/Christ for the words to say... and finally for protection of others (family etc.) and yourselves, as speaking out against this is also likely to draw "not nice" attention.
  9. Welcome back Penter, good to see ye again. ^.^
  10. Welcome to the Forums, and if you need to know anything about any religio-spiritual practices, mythology or researchy stuff (commonly called "conspiracy theories" though I really dislike that term.) so if you need to know anything in those areas, feel free to ask me, I might know, or if I don't I might know of someone/someplace that does. Also, if you like mind challenging games, assuming that you haven't already, have you heard of Myst? It is an old game now, but a good one, as was Riven, and Myst III.
  11. Haha thanks Norz, I do use Pegasus Mail for things, typically, it works for my System and yet can still access the new stuff (IE hotmail etc.), although there sure are a heck of a lot of functions. o.o; As for system age, this box is over a decade old now. XP SP1 (because SP2 really jacked up a lot of things.), and in case either of you were curious, I did try to update my OS later but this was close to when support was ending, so I figured I'd at least get the package installs, but by the time I did so t'was already too late so trying to get the service packs was in vain. Not that I really mind, mind you, microsoft corp has been digging its grave since SP2, and next computer I get will have as little to do with their corporate shenanigans as possible, that is to say, it will most likely be some manner of linux, unix or some other bizarre thing I can come across (I hear Comodore 64 has a computer with an OS all its own now, but that is also a bit rich for my meager funds, and well a Cray system is well beyond that... haha). Thanks for the heads up Adair, java strikes again apparently... be nice if folks would kick that bad habit, and flash along with it. I've made it a point to block out that stuff where encountered. Also thanks for the suggestion about running my own addy, that would be nice.
  12. Very funny Adair. ;p However, for that to occur, I would need to get a new computer entirely... and that wouldn't make gmail's issues disappear anyway, my problem isn't with rendering so much as it is with how the interface is designed, the egregious data mining that everyone knows is going on, etc. Besides it could be worse, I could be trying to get on here with Lynx or IE 3-4 from Win 98 SE. >D
  13. Well I've grown frustrated with gmail's user-unfriendly interface and remarkable lack of options for basic functionality (the select all checkbox for basic html view has vanished, apparently, and I suspect they are attempting to do away with this option entirely.) so I'm looking to make a new web-based E-mail addy and was curious if anyone here had any suggestions. I do have a place in mind (inbox.com), but I thought I'd also ask here as well. Thing is though there are some stipulations: 1. the service cannot be a known privacy invader or tie in ads etc. for the service. (IE no data mining practices) 2. it must not require flash or java to run, or a "modern browser" (My system is old, and I'm not about to waste what limited funds I have on some new wi(red to everything that can)-fi(nd you) spybox that has little end-user controls, just to get a simple e-mail.) That is to say, the more bare-bonesy it is, the better, if it runs on basic old HTML and has no "bells and whistles" or viruses like "social media integration" then its likely a winner. 3. it must have good end-user controls... Nobody likes to try to wade through reams of meaningless and useless help or support pages just to access particular settings that have been purposefully buried. (ala gmail.) & of course, it must be Free for personal/non-commercial use. 3A. (optional) If it accepts an external client to send and receive e-mail (such as Pegasus mail) then that is much to it's credit. Yeah, I know these prerequisites are approaching unattainability given how things are going these days, but it never hurts to ask, right? ^.^
  14. I've noticed that MSPaint (if that is what is being used) tends to not "write" jpegs/jpgs very well, personally, which is why I just use it to "hold" and do some basic editing on an image, then I copy whats in paint, open up photoshop (in my case) start a new image, and paste it into there, merge the layers, and then save the image, since photoshop seems to write the things properly. Something like Firealpaca may be able to do the same or some other freeware graphics editors (looking around techsupportalert.com might show some useful programs, but sadly since the redesign and the new focus on "apps" and mobile stuff the place is a bit more user unfriendly and harder to navigate.)
  15. Well Rukh, one thing about mankind, only one person has ever been Perfect (That being Yeshua Christ), and besides Him nobody else has been, life events happen, and sometimes at very inopportune times. Hope you get better and things become less hectic dude.
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