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  1. I'm running a Good Friday service, and also one at 6AM on Easter Sunday. I do believe that we have an egg hunt set up for the kids, but by that time I'll be quite exhausted.
  2. Thanks all, gonna be late getting home, almost forgot that I'm running the sound for a special service tonight. See all of you around!
  3. Once again, I'm happy that I jumped the Ubuntu ship years ago... Also I'm currently using Mint ;-)
  4. wReal name: My real name is John, but I go by Wesley (my middle name) in real life. Other names: My fursona's is called Hack-Wizard or Hack for short. About your fursona: Blond furred folf, will post more details when I get home (on my cell right now) Age: 25 Gender: Male Location: Surprise, AZ Email: [email protected] IM: jwhackwizard Artist/Writer: I have written short fictional stories in the past, and have RPd before, but I can't even draw stick figures. Been to any cons: Nope, I'm a closet fur. Likes: Computers, certain science fiction, playing with electronics, classic DOS games. Dislikes: sports, hypocritical people, greedy people, people who don't think and have nothing to say. Church Denomination: United Methodist Anything else: As I said, I'm a closet fur... My mom wouldn't understand, and I have to live with her until I can afford to move out. Also, I work for my local church as an Audio / Video Technician. :-)
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