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  1. That would be pretty cool to have again. I know plenty of folks here who still play.
  2. I suppose I'll just start out by asking who here plays Team Fortress 2. If you want, you can talk about your favorite class(es) or map(s). Maybe we could all get together sometime, find an empty server, and go to town if anyone's interested.
  3. Fursuits? Heck, I'd wear one of these all the time in the summer.
  4. *hugs Carson tightly in return, knows what a therian is, hugs Tyger, rolls with Wolfin so as not to get crushed Friendly crowd. ^^
  5. I remember when I thought about having a reference sheet. ... What, you expecting a story or a link or something? Scram!
  6. ...but here's a re-introduction anyway. Real name: Clark DeCant Other names: Oh geeze. There are like fourteen of them. I'll just put my IRC Nick here. The_Slimeinator About your fursona: Well, I'm a shapeshifter. But I'm usually a diamondback rattlesnake, feral, various lengths but usually around 5 or 6 feet. Age: I remember when I had one of those. Gender: Male. Location: United States. Email: Ask me. IM: Ask me. Artist/Writer: Writer. Four novels, 30-some short stories. Nothing published. Style: Anything except historical fiction so far. Oh, wait... that could... hmmm... *wanders off to consider fifth novel* Been to any cons: Nope! Fav. music: Would you like an alphabetical list or a list sorted by genre? There's a lot. Likes: Mountain Dew, writing, other various things. Dislikes: Coffee. Church Denomination: None. Anything else: ...don't tread on me.
  7. Why, thank you for the greeting. I often visit the Emerald City when I'm on vacation. I write fiction and fantasy stories about various subjects. And, same to you. In fact, may two stars shine on your path.
  8. Ha ha. I'll be sure to immediately bug you if I have questions. XD (jk)
  9. Copying and pasting shall now ensue. About your fursona: Reticulated Python. Indeterminate age. Male. Often contemplates life while basking, and will not hesitate to lend a helping tail when somebody is in trouble, no matter who they are. Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: Washington State, U. S. A. Email: [email protected] IM: DarkSnakeCharmer Artist/Writer: Writer. Style: Dark, moody, or light, carefree. Been to any cons: Nope. Fav. music: Music that makes you think. Likes: Politics, God, freedom, buttercream icing, and fun. Dislikes: They who do not think that knowledge is useful, they who use stereotypes too much, demons, the Devil, and many foods. Church Denomination: Catholic/Undetermined Anything Else: I enjoy a good philosophical discussion.
  10. Hello. I am SnakeUniverse, as my username clearly indicates. :angel: Flechmen directed me here. I find it fascinating that there is a Christian Fur community. I'm a writer who hails from FurAffinity. Nice to meet you all.
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