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  1. Sadly, the first season of this show was something like strongly above average while the second, which features this song, is kindo' a waste of time. Edit:Or I can post a link to a not Gunslinger Girl related version of video because the former is youtube locked.
  2. Just Windows and Mac according to the website. You'd need a high-end engine like Unity or Unreal to have the portability you're asking for. Haxe is a code/dev environment that aims at broad portability, but it's not a plug n' play game engine per se, even if there are addons for it that go a great way toward changing that.
  3. Amazing Things - Joshua Chapter 3 Sermon by Erwin McManus, Mosaic Streaming Link and Direct File Link
  4. Hello and welcome! Quite the fun pic your friend made for you. ^^
  5. Rythe


    $10-ish on Steam? I snagged the game on universal positive reviews and to scratch a momentary itch, but have only played 5 minutes. Interesting start, but I had a Rebel Galaxy to conquer first. So far, Undertale is a game I'm glad exists and am glad to hear about, but don't feel particularly compelled to play through. Will probably change at some dark hour and then I can give my take.
  6. The New Has Come - Isaiah 43: 18 - 19 & 2 Cor 5: 17 - 21 Sermon by Erwin McManus, Mosaic Church Streaming Link and Direct File Link
  7. I lean toward a model like the 1198. The other problem is, I don't actually ride these things yet. But who knows, maybe I will.
  8. Lecrae is straight up rap, so a full step beyond where I think Toby Mac sometimes goes, but it's the sort of rap I can get behind and appreciate entirely. His collab with Flame on Joyful Noise is how I found him, and Confessions is a recent find that I'm super impressed with, but Take Me As I Am, Church Clothes, Jesus Muzik are all quite good stuff. Oh, and forgot to mention this before, but War Room is something more of us need to see.
  9. Hello and welcome! ^^ Toby Mac, eh? Would that stretch all the way to Lecrae?
  10. Hello and welcome! ^^ Spiffy fursona you've got there. What sort of journeys does Danta enjoy? Wilderness or culture or just the traveling?
  11. Hello and welcome! ^^ Your art is quite fun! And I secretly wish I could have a Ducati to claim as my own one day.
  12. Yanno, I really like the idea behind this. At the moment, the tempo and key make it a harsh listen, but the broad strokes of the idea and approach are good stuff.
  13. Eh, C# is C++ with some advanced tweaks, which is basically C++ vs C. So for an intro course, they're mostly one and the same, save learning the quirks of the latest and greatest in C# right off the bat. To get more basic, you'd have to do a programming language that handles memory management for you, which is why they taught me Visual Basic back in High School. Java got much more popular later on, which is some of what I learned in college (and promptly never used). I did have a C# book at some point, but also never got a chance to use it. Javascript is what I've been doing projects with lately, which has a lot of the form of C++ but does so much for you while limiting you in ways too. So I could probably help you out if I have the time, although that C# book is probably in storage at the moment. <.<
  14. I think it's quite good for a chiptune, Zvoc! How'd you put it together?
  15. I'm not sure they exactly count as furry, but the brony community has you covered and then some.
  16. Ah yes, Wolves at the Gate. I really wish I could like them more, and I think the crux of it is that the music doesn't support and mesh with the lyrics as I could wish. It's a tricky thing with this style, but All That Remains is closer to my sweet spot by comparison. Still, quite liked the chorus of Wolves' Awaken; powerful lyrics in general. And this is where I normally link The Passing of the Blue Crown, but... Let's go with the sibling trio: Oh Bravo by Children 18:3
  17. Give Everything - 1 Kings 17: 7 - 24 Sermon by Erwin McManus, Mosaic Church Streaming Link and Direct File Link
  18. Identifying yourself with God to step into an extraordinary, reciprocal relationship with God. Into Deep Waters - Luke 5: 1 - 11 Sermon by Erwin McManus, Mosaic Church Streaming Link and Direct File Link
  19. The Church - Matthew 16: 13 - 19 Sermon by Erwin McManus, Mosaic Church Streaming Link and Direct File Link
  20. Quite welcome. Hmm, I've listened to Mainsail Part 1 a few more times, and changed my opinion on a few things. Do note that the only reason I'm digging into this song as much as I am is because I like it a lot and see a lot of potential in it, but potential I feel hasn't been completely tapped yet. Scrap my previous comments on the intro. I think I mostly want it to make that initial changeup closer to the 18 second mark rather than the 21 second mark. The slow, teasing lead-in does work, but it's just a touch long to my tastes. For level adjustments, the electronica accent first used at the 24 second mark could go up a little, while the synth, bass drum and that wood percussion thing can all go up more. The high hat is basically at the level you want it, just need to bring every else up in line with it comparatively. Still might be hot presence-wise, and I'm not sure if the levels on the bass guitar would need adjustments or not. Which is to say, the song is mixed soft compared to industry standard these days, and Part 2 is even softer. The remaining weaknesses are more structural, so this is where I'm likely to shoot myself in the foot when I get on this soap box of mine. You've got half a foot in progressive style tracks and one and a half in composing music with Mainsail Part 1. By progressive style tracks, I mean layering in instruments as time goes on without much changing what said instruments are doing. It's a cheat, basically, where it's typically slowly warming up for the first 80% of the track and then has something worth turning into a song for the last 20% of the track - at which point, said track just ends. What I would like to see is you step fully into composing with Mainsail Part 1. To tell you what I mean by that, I dug up my favorite song in this genre (Solar Sailer remix by Pretty Lights) in the off chance I might manage to say/show something intelligent with a comparison. And by 'theme', I basically mean the melody line plus associated accents below. Composing music differs starkly from making progressive tracks in that composing involves developing and exploring the theme (melody line) and arranging those developments and explorations into a cohesive whole. For Solar Sailer, that's both the structural blocks arranged as shown along with the multiple Theme Variations, and for Solar Sailer, it also involves hinting at the next Theme Variation ahead of time and other things that I'm sure mostly fly over my head at this point. Mainsail Part 1 isn't quite there yet, so first some more specific critiques. Intro - I think you made a slight hash of your intro with the progression of the elements. It kinda feels like the bass guitar comes in too early and steals some of the thunder from the little flourishes that get added to the melody at 0:30. So I'd say you could play around here some more to get a bit more from the intro, and along the way, the intro as a whole could be lengthened a touch too. Do quite like the bass guitar coming in here though. Dropping in that snare at 0:58 is kinda like a weird, almost transition between the first theme variation and the interlude... I'd say this is one of those progressive track missteps subbing in for a proper transition. Interlude v2 + Theme - This is almost a Theme Variation 2, but falls a little short. On one paw, it's the interlude with a different snare and the theme dropped into the background, and on the other, it's basically using the raw version of your melody line which works better with the breakdown rather than as a variation of the theme. It's not bad, and after some thought, I think it could work well if it was separated from the first interlude and used as a distinct second one, probably transitioning into the breakdown as now. The last 10 seconds seems like you put some higher energy instruments back in just to have it all run out of steam. It's not a particularly satisfying end. Simply leaving the breakdown to ghost out piece by piece woulda worked better, methinks. But I think the biggest takeaway here is that Mainsail Part 1 is two Theme Variations and a proper Outro away from having all the basic pieces of Solar Sailor, which would extend it to that 3ish minute song mark. To get closer to 4 minutes, you could extend all of those pieces (sans the interludes) without them overstaying their welcome and possibly repeat a section like Solar Sailer does. You already have a solid core for a great song, so again, would be pleased to see it fleshed out fully. I will be seeing about those EPs later, I think.
  21. Hello! I am going to be a bit biased as you're doing a style I quite enjoy, which is a lot about the texture of the music from moment to moment. Also the usual warning - live audio mixing was my bag, so I know just enough about talking music to be dangerous. Mainsail Part 1 - For the very beginning stretch to about 0:20, your flatter sustain on the notes (compared to later) seems regrettable to me. It's teasing without being really descriptive, but I think adding in the ghost of another element, having it quietly fade in and out or make brief little appearances, might do the trick rather than reworking the melody line there. That wood block-y percussion instrument you used at the very end would be my first suggestion. In contrast, 0:20 - 0:41 was much more the thing, in part because of the bass guitar being added in and in part because you showed more of what you were developing with the melody line. I wasn't a fan of the snare. First version because you pillowed it to the point where it sounded a bit too much like the bass/kick drum. Second version because it and the high hat stepped away from the rest of the song and obscured said song by them being hot level-wise and sucking up all the space in the higher frequency range. It felt like those two instruments became 80% of the track while they were there, while also being the least interesting parts going on. When the second snare was left on it's own at the very end, it became pretty apparent that the slightly twangy tone of it didn't mesh well with the electronica tone and style of the track too. On the high hat I'm more forgiving, but still a bit too hot and pervasive a presence while there. I really liked what you did with the wood block-y percussion instrument, but felt it was a touch too soft. I had to turn up the volume on my speakers to get a good sense of them. It's a fine line you're trying to walk with them being a quieter background presence, and you're close but not quite. But overall, I really liked Mainsail Part 1. I liked the tone and style of the electronica elements, all the variations and work you put into the melody line, the driving bass line (drum & guitar) and melody line at 0:41 - 1:00, how you changed up the bass line with that wood block-y percussion bit was a great and well-composed accent at the end (especially how it played off the kick drum at 1:45 - 2:04), and the 1:45 - 2:04 stretch was a great breakdown of what had gone before in general, adding in some breathing/negative space to the song. I would quite enjoy seeing this track expanded and developed to the 4ish minute mark. The melody line also reminds me of one or two other songs I can't quite put my claw on... Mainsail Part 2 - Quite enjoyed the piano, but the levels on this track are too soft in general, particularly those edgy/eerie string and whirring industrial elements which basically have the same problem as the wood blocky-y instrument of Mainsail Part 1 - a bit too soft, to the point where sometimes you're wondering if you actually heard them or not. Those two elements also seem out of place without a broader context of why they might be there. It's one of those things that could work really well in a game, but are kind of a question mark without said context. Not particularly bothersome as they are, at any rate, even a bit interesting, but would probably be a good thing if what they represent became a stronger, more developed presence in the track later on. A great start with these two Mainsail parts, Akarynth! Keep it up. ^^
  22. Changed the file links in case and for those who ye ol' podcast setup is less than ideal.
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