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  1. JosiahtheTiger

    long time no see! i'm back i think i guess i see

    hey foxy. long time no see
  2. yeah i'm kinda back. i replied to a couple of posts and have been kinda checking in here and there. i hope this place will still somehow get back! i've had a lot of crazy things happen in my life. i'm definitely not in the fandom for my own desires and i'm farther away from it than ever. i do like anthros but i have to take them very lightly in my heart. maybe i'll make a thread about it right about now... maybe not we'll see. regardless. i do love all of you guys, and i want all of us to know God as much as we can! let's put our hopes in the Lord and eliminate our hopes that are found in other things! God bless y'all.
  3. JosiahtheTiger

    Hello, newbie here.

    hey Serenity ^.^ i'm Josiah. *huggles*
  4. JosiahtheTiger

    Hello everybody

    What is up! i take a small break and lots of newcomers out of nowhere. Welcome to one of the few safe places in furry land. Don't worry about being "too religious", we don't judge, but offer what we can (well at least... me. can't speak for the rest). I've been learning a lot about music producing as i'm trying to make a living out of it eventually. YAYYY FOR FAST PACE EDM'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you like it here ^^
  5. JosiahtheTiger

    Hi everyone!

    Hey Tommy ^.^ I hope you find good friends here. I have two words of wisdom for you... not really... but 1. Let your fursona decide you. and 2. You should totally keep being a closet furry as long as you can, because it's way better that way X3. I'm happy you chose to check us out. This is the best furry church out there (at least imo)
  6. JosiahtheTiger

    Hey guys!

    what's up Jesse. i'm the wanna be organic hippy of the forum. Parkour is awesome! i lost 75 pounds but i'm still fat, but i'm almost there to be able start tricking. I'm also a musician and trying to make a career out of it. Welcome to the one place where you can find Christian fellowship with furries. ~meowl
  7. JosiahtheTiger

    Josiah's Music Thread :3

    thanks for giving me opinions ^.^ i'll probably be posting a trancish song on here soon, also, i plan on going more drum and bass/breakcore in this production world.
  8. JosiahtheTiger

    Hello There

    welcome to the forums bro.
  9. JosiahtheTiger

    furry rappers

    bucktown tiger raps a little bit. but his artwork is scarce
  10. JosiahtheTiger

    hello all!

  11. JosiahtheTiger

    Im an Artist!

    ME TOO ^O^
  12. JosiahtheTiger

    Josiah's Music Thread :3

    yeah. i patched the song up kind of... except the mastering. this song was very difficult to "master". but enjoy. way better than the first version imo. https://soundcloud.com/psycho_delic7/i-wish-my-imaginary-friends-thought-i-was-cool
  13. JosiahtheTiger

    Im an Artist!

    ahh yes! that's how i was pretty much with piano.... all my life, but until jr year, then yeah.
  14. JosiahtheTiger

    Im an Artist!

    Glorious! Nice style. How long have you been doing arts?