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  1. eagle god-heart

    christian Jpop

    erm i think this may just be like an add or something, but either way i do like that stuff so thanks and such
  2. ya know i really have to thank God for all the friends ive made over the last year.... so in the end i gotta thank him for the fandom, and yall for letting me be your friend too

  3. i honestly think i might be going insane, or at least getting slightly paranoid, it seems that 99% of the time those so called "christians" are nothing more than liars...

    1. Penter


      Nah, It's true. Most "Christians" probably have nothing to do with Christ.


  4. eagle god-heart

    Hello, newbie here.

    ^^ welcome to the forums here, I hope ya like it and have fun. yeah sadly most churches youth divisions are dieing out, but thankfully some arnt... but yeah sorry for the late reply and such, OH and if you have any questions contact a mod and if you ever want a friend to talk to just message me. ^^
  5. eagle god-heart

    Nintendo Direct (Pokemon Yellow rereleased)

    Nintendo direct? and I remember back when I had Pokémon yellow for my Gameboy....
  6. eagle god-heart

    Greetings ^.=.^

    but yeah if that is you man welcome to CF ^^, hope ya have fun here
  7. eagle god-heart

    Greetings ^.=.^

    Ethan is that you?
  8. V.V why is the human race like this? youd think that after so many thousands of years we would have gotten smarter by now

  9. eagle god-heart

    furry rappers

    are there any furry rappers besides NIIC?
  10. eagle god-heart

    Can't log in into Skype in any way!

    this is why i never log outa skype, yeah there was a problem with the servers or somthing, yeah its back up now.
  11. eagle god-heart

    Stuff of Me and Katie that isn't Fantasy Adventure Related

    awww the pictures wont load here
  12. eagle god-heart

    Eunno Heywood reporting in!

    welcome to the site, sorry im late in welcomeing you. so have fun an all. and if you ever wanna talk im here
  13. eagle god-heart

    Eagle and the Quest for Truth.

    wow thats great. but sadly i already have someone editing it for me to make it more "book like" thanks though. and good job.
  14. eagle god-heart

    Eagle and the Quest for Truth.

    well to be honest i want it to be in book format but i cant write like that, so im just doing this until i have someone whos willing to edit it.
  15. eagle god-heart

    Eagle and the Quest for Truth.

    well like i said he starts out in a polytheistic island then he hears God and so he starts to search for him.