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  1. Dantalion


    I just beat the neutral route, and now I need to get the other two endings haha. Has anyone else played this? What do you think? Does it deserve all the hype it's getting? I for one really enjoyed the game. I loved the characters especially, and the fact that you can beat the game without killing a single creature.
  2. Dantalion


    That's a good question!! I had Originally just had him pegged for wilderness journeys, but I can see him totally taking an interest in the culture of whatever place he's traveling through. He'd probably go stay in small villages and towns and make friends with the locals, and stay there from some time before moving on.
  3. Dantalion


    Thank you guys for the welcome!! I like it here already. I'm lurking a lot now, but I'm warming up so hopefully I'll be more active soon.
  4. Dantalion

    Hello There

    Hey welcome to Christian Furs!! I'm Danta, and it is a pleasure to meet you!! You'll have to recommend some good Christian music to me, as that's a genre that's fairly new to me.
  5. Dantalion

    Eagle and the Quest for Truth.

    That isn't what editing is though. Editing is going back after your first draft and correcting things. What you're doing is asking someone to write a story for the dialogue you provided, which means that you two would be co-authors, instead of you being the sole author.
  6. Dantalion


    *Shakes Spirit Bear's paw* Thank you all for your warm welcomes!! I feel kind of at home already.
  7. Dantalion

    My works need critique.

    I really like your Pangaea plot so far. You seem to have developed this world well. Do you perhaps have a little of the actual story I could read? I'd love to do a little editing for you, as well as give feedback. I am a college student though so I wouldn't want to do more than one chapter at a time, if you organize it by chapters.
  8. Dantalion


    Thank you for the kind welcome!! Also my friend sketched Danta for me, this is him!! He's a pale sand color, and all the darker parts are a dark brown!! His mane would be white.
  9. Dantalion

    art help for begginer

    Classes are great, but there's also all kinds of art tutorials and such you can find online for free as well!! I also find asking artists for advice is good too, if they're willing to help of course.
  10. Dantalion

    Best Fursuit Maker?

    Clockwork Creature and Mischief Makers are definitely my favorite makers, though I do not see them on this list. They're two very different styles, but both seem to put a lot of hard work in and it shows. If I were to get a suit though, I would want Clockwork Creature to do it.
  11. Dantalion


    Hello!! I'm Dantalion (Just Danta works too!) And I'm new to the Christian Furs community. I'm gonna go ahead and and answer some of these questions!! About your fursona: Danta is a male lion, and he's a rather smart fellow, just like myself. He's a traveler, and writes about his journeys. Right now he's only going on physical journeys, but who knows, he might find a spiritual one too. Gender: Female, but my fursona is male. Age: 19 Artist/Writer: I am a writer!! I'm working on a book but it's very hush hush. Style: I'm a pretty chill person. As for writing style, third person past tense usually. Been to any cons: One or two, I'm not comfortable sharing my location. Fav. music: Showtunes or Rock. Likes: I like a great many things. Movies, books, writing, the occasional video game. Dislikes: Laziness, racists, I don't care much for video games. Church Denomination: I"m going to be honest here, I haven't been to church in a really long time. I do believe in Jesus, and God, and the Bible, but I just stopped going to church and am too nervous to start going back so hopefully this is a step in the right direction. Last time I went though, we went to a Methodist church. Anything else: It's a pleasure to meet you all!! I'll post art of my fursona here in a few, I'm waiting for my art of them.