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    Furry Based Music Producer and Furry Hugger ^^
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    Texas, USA
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    Drawing, Hardstyle, Story Writing, Music Producing, RP-ing, Dancing, Watching Furry Convention Videos, Chips and Salsa, Soup, Internet, BEING A FURRY, Meeting new furries, Sorting things, Lists (DONT JUDGE), CUDDLING, CUDDLING, CUDDLING, CUDDLING, CUDDLING, CUDDLING, CUDDLING, AND CUDDLING, ESPERANTO, Japan
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    Aakor (wolf with wings)

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    i dont have jabber, but here is the site where i made my signature: http://www.webestools.com/signatures-maker-forum-phpbb-sig-generator-images-banner-signature-online-photoshop.html
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  1. I think i can help! ^^ ive studied a bit of law in high school and i found this website that basically gives a step by step instruction of what to do! http://cc-courthelp.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=Page.ViewPage&pageId=2961
  2. I agree 100% everyone deserve a second chance and a chance to explain themselves.
  3. welcome good sir! we hope you like it here!
  4. same applies here x3 but it looks really awesome either way!!
  5. Hello, this is a message to the staff of Christian Furs.net. I have been on this site for quite a bit of time, (although that definition could be different from mine) and I would like to affiliate and help in any way that I can to the site. I wish to become a moderator or something more then a member. The reason I feel I can be good to be in this position is because I have some abilities to calm down a situation when it is heated. I am also a professional when needed be. I follow the rules of any site I am a member of, and I am definitely sure the same will apply here. I am active about 70% of the day so although I cannot log in on weekends. If there is anything else that needs to be stated, please send me a Private Message or reply to this post and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
  6. ENOJI1

    Im an Artist!

    if at all possible, i challenge you to a match between the violinist (me) and the pianist (you)!
  7. ENOJI1


    Hey guys x3 this is sorta a shout out to G-Root because he is the one who i got this idea from, so great credits to him, but i just want to send a notice out that i am typing up a story for my fursona! x3 i just thought youd guys like it, and i will post it in here. Ill change the title to this post so you guys will know, i guess the main reason i made this post was to just get some encouragement, because like i said in the other post i had made before, i procrastinate alot. x3
  8. i have four fursuit makers listed here that are not in the poll x3 Mischief Makers www.fluffymischief.com/ Fursuiting.com http://www.fursuiting.com/ That's Furred Up www.thatsfurredup.com/ Autumn Fallings http://www.autumnfallings.com/ Possibly gonna buy one from one of these x3
  9. welcome Yinepu! And what you said about the music, i have some tracks to show you then! x3
  10. Finally got my profile pic to work!

  11. x3 nice to meet you too tomo! cool profile picture x3
  12. x3 well that sounds cool! x3 aww, cute! and thanks! x3 well thank you, she is quite the artist!
  13. well yes, i am a cuddly fur! x3 i love snuggles, hugs, huggles, and cuddles! and extras that i cant think of right now. x3 *i holds you close and nuzzle* (<---that too x3)
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