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  1. Rythe

    Songs currently on your mind

    Sadly, the first season of this show was something like strongly above average while the second, which features this song, is kindo' a waste of time. Edit:Or I can post a link to a not Gunslinger Girl related version of video because the former is youtube locked.
  2. Rythe

    Linux coding?

    Just Windows and Mac according to the website. You'd need a high-end engine like Unity or Unreal to have the portability you're asking for. Haxe is a code/dev environment that aims at broad portability, but it's not a plug n' play game engine per se, even if there are addons for it that go a great way toward changing that.
  3. Rythe

    Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome! ^^
  4. Rythe

    Amazing Things (Joshua 3)

    Amazing Things - Joshua Chapter 3 Sermon by Erwin McManus, Mosaic Streaming Link and Direct File Link
  5. Rythe

    Sister Yinepu welcomes the community :)

    Hello and welcome! Glad you found our community. ^^
  6. Rythe

    Hello everybody

    Hello and welcome! Quite the fun pic your friend made for you. ^^
  7. Rythe

    Greetings ^.=.^

    Hello and welcome! ^^
  8. Rythe


    $10-ish on Steam? I snagged the game on universal positive reviews and to scratch a momentary itch, but have only played 5 minutes. Interesting start, but I had a Rebel Galaxy to conquer first. So far, Undertale is a game I'm glad exists and am glad to hear about, but don't feel particularly compelled to play through. Will probably change at some dark hour and then I can give my take.
  9. The New Has Come - Isaiah 43: 18 - 19 & 2 Cor 5: 17 - 21 Sermon by Erwin McManus, Mosaic Church Streaming Link and Direct File Link
  10. Rythe

    hello all!

    I lean toward a model like the 1198. The other problem is, I don't actually ride these things yet. But who knows, maybe I will.
  11. Rythe

    Hello There

    Lecrae is straight up rap, so a full step beyond where I think Toby Mac sometimes goes, but it's the sort of rap I can get behind and appreciate entirely. His collab with Flame on Joyful Noise is how I found him, and Confessions is a recent find that I'm super impressed with, but Take Me As I Am, Church Clothes, Jesus Muzik are all quite good stuff. Oh, and forgot to mention this before, but War Room is something more of us need to see.
  12. Rythe

    Hello There

    Hello and welcome! ^^ Toby Mac, eh? Would that stretch all the way to Lecrae?
  13. Rythe


    Hello and welcome! ^^ Spiffy fursona you've got there. What sort of journeys does Danta enjoy? Wilderness or culture or just the traveling?
  14. Rythe

    hello all!

    Hello and welcome! ^^ Your art is quite fun! And I secretly wish I could have a Ducati to claim as my own one day.
  15. Rythe

    Josiah's Music Thread :3

    Yanno, I really like the idea behind this. At the moment, the tempo and key make it a harsh listen, but the broad strokes of the idea and approach are good stuff.