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  1. Welcome Serenity. Sounds like you keep yourself busy.
  2. Welcome G-Root glad to meet you. I'm Packey the resident packrat.I play drums at our church and we play songs from most of the artists you mentioned. Modern Christian music is so uplifting and playing it is a whole new dimension of worship. Hope to see you around here more.
  3. Welcome Annx. I'm the resident packrat.
  4. Welcome Almondjoi! I' m the resident packrat. Saw your post on fursuiting, I have lots of questions for you.
  5. What type of head do you use normally? Foam or composite?
  6. Welcome I was wondering who was in the shadows.
  7. I have been working o Packey lately. Got the tail done, head is nearing completion,and started the paws last week. I can only work on it when all my other chores are done. My son did a full suit last year so I take his advice and it's not as hard as it seems. I can start posting pics if anyone is interested.
  8. Welcome LJ! I'm R2 the resident packrat.It's good to have you aboard. *salute*
  9. Welcome Eunno. Nice to meet you. I'm the resident packrat and I play drums. Keys and chords don't agree with me. Just give me the beat.
  10. Cool I'm not the newest newbie! Welcome Byakko!
  11. Thank You all for the warm welcome. It is a pleasure to be associated with folks with the same interests and values.
  12. Real name: R2 Other names: Packard, Baapr, Neo About your fursona: I’m a Neotoma Cinerea or packrat. I live in the woods with Figment (Fig), a chinchilla, and Baal the fox. Age: Old Gender: Male Location: Colorado Rockies Artist/Writer: Draw a little, play drums, and blacksmith Style: Draw: pencil and ink sketches. Drums: Christian rock/rock some blues. Blacksmith: Traditional iron and coal Been to any cons: RMFC Fav. music: Uplifting music. Life is too short for sad songs. Likes: Adventure in and discovering God’s creations with my life mate Fig Dislikes: Politics Church Denomination: Non-denomination Anything else: Motto: Be what you is! If you be what you ain’t, then you ain’t what you is!
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