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  1. It's been quite a while since I've updated you guys on Nathan's Quest, hasn't it? Well, the computer I was making it on died. Fortunately, unlike with its predecessor Nathan Is Great.RPG, I managed to put a copy of it in my DropBox. Those of you who know my DropBox folder have actually had a playable demo available for something like two and a half months and didn't even know it~ The game is super far from completion, despite its intended final length being so short. Hopefully I can resume work on this fun little project soon, because it is a game I want everyone to see through to the end!
  2. Dreaming of Ember and Ember Hanging Around are my favorites in this thread so far.
  3. No significant progress on Nathan's Quest recently, hence the lack of activity in this thread. However, I did spend 50 minutes throwing together something for Halloween. Link here: http://www.slimesalad.com/forum/viewgame.php?p=125232
  4. Upload the file to a site like photobucket or IMGUR, get the URL of the picture file, and post the URL between the tags
  5. That is one of your best drawings yet.
  6. Progress very small, but still extant. I started replacing Nathan's generic spells like Magic Missile and Healing with candy-themed ones like Rock Candy and Bubblegum Bandage. I now have two of the eight robot minibosses for the second act of the game. This is Birthday Man (an animatronic running around in his Birthday Suit). He was an entertainer at a pizza parlor, but the place became run down and he went crazy (then evil). Upon defeating him, a new restaurant opens on the location to sell some healing items to the party and other friendly NPCs move in.
  7. Only one person even showed up at the local furmeet aside from myself (another couple of furries came and looked for me but didn't see me). Apparently they came last week; if anyone told me it was something other than the last saturday of the month then I forgot when that car hit me. So anyway, while I was waiting around and talking with this one other furry (who was familiar with the engine I'm using) I drew the eight playable characters, first villain, and Minkshake. Here are the pictures in the order that the characters were made up: The last three can be shuffled slightly depending on whether you count Nathan Possum as a different character from Nathan Dormouse. Nathan Dormouse precedes Baron Humerus but Minkshake precedes Nathan Possum.
  8. Where else would heroes needed to fulfill a prophesy hang out? In this case, there's two each to fill each needed position in the party and probably several more in the world who could qualify for these roles. I had initially thought about placing these heroes around the world on different maps trying to achieve their own ends, but I didn't want it to be too much easier to get, say, the green wolf than the gray one and have people be disappointed with the more difficult option.
  9. An in-joke for those familiar with the history of the engine I'm using. The exterior of the first villain's castle. Interior of my main character's house. I'm considering removing the studded floor and just placing some extra bricks in that room instead, possibly some other items.
  10. Tileset as of this posting. I'll continue adding more as needed.
  11. Nope. The engine I use runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux at least I'm pretty sure. Less sure about Mac OS so it depends on your computer. It's also possible to port it to android phones, but I don't want to do that for a demo and would want to give it as thorough a bug testing as I could first.
  12. It's been a while since I updated you guys on my game so here are some more development screenshots.
  13. This is one of my go-to songs when thinking about relationships. Is that a bad sign?
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