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  1. Thanks everybody for the warm welcomes! Rikku asked where I'm at -- that's an excellent question! I should've thought of that in my original post.... I live pretty much in the middle of North Carolina. About 45 minutes to the west of Greensboro. But I've actually lived all over the country! I was born in Denver, pretty much grew up in Upstate New York, then lived in L.A. for 2 years, and Dallas for 3 years I think. I've been in NC for 7 years now I believe. I'm so bad with the passage of time.... As for species, that's a complicated one. The simplest answer for now is that I don't know. XD Thanks again for all the welcomes. I will do my absolute best to stay active on here -- you guys seem like a great bunch of people, and that's exactly what I need in my life right now. Great people who are Christians. *hugs to all*
  2. So I've been a member of this forum for 4 months now, but have been lurking in the shadows.... It's time I come out and say "hi". Not sure what to share! I am married, and while we have no kids, we have a cat (that I don't really care for) and a dog -- they are our kids. I work in a technical position in a technical field, and find myself speaking about technical things far too often. In my spare time, I do woodworking and various remodeling projects around the house. Not sure what else to share, so if there's anything you'd like to know, please ask! Thanks, and I look forward to getting to know you all. *hugs*
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