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Found 5 results

  1. Think about the question, but don't think too much <i>into</i> the question. Most variables have been accounted for such as dedication, work load, career, tools available, reputation, etc. These are arguably the best of the best, so consider what cost you find most fair and balance it against stylistic choice. Is your choice worth it? Make the best selection for yourself. I know there are Christianfurs who craft; please include yourself in the comments (Sorry, limited choices were best for efficiency, not negligence).
  2. Who wants to made a fursuit? I do, but I know it can be super stressful and confusing. So, I want to start a little subgroup for those interested in making a fursuit this year/in the future. Sorta like a support group, for us to trade tips and tricks and fursuit progress, on a deeper level and more frequent then just making a new post. We can even build together over Skype or something. Just an idea, let me know your thoughts, or if anyone's up for it.
  3. This is for advice for discussion of a current fursuit. I will be sketching different ideas and asking which one you like better. anyone can join in with even ideas for their own(if you sketch or draw feel free to add your own pictures), but as for me id like some expert/preferential/novice/any advice. the first one is #1.paw #2.paw/hand #3.furry hand
  4. To start things off: A pink husky commission! This is for a guy that actually lives quite close to me in NJ. The order also came with hands, feet, and a tail which are done but I didn't include those pictures- the head is usually the most interesting part anyways. Pink and white poof ball. Minimal shaving at this point and nothing is glued down or attached yet. Shelf in the background is loaded with more of my art/craft supplies. Looking much better after a nice shave, glued down; finished eyes and mouth details. Final touches: attaching the "hair" and industrial. It was my first time making the earring, came out quite nicely I think!
  5. I'm thinking of buying some faux fur soon and was wondering if any of you knew how to determine the quality of faux fur. I'm going to the Dongdaemun crafts market in Seoul. To give you an idea of what it's like, think of a craft store (like JoAnn, Michaels, or a local craft store). Remove all the crafts that don't relate to textiles/clothing projects. Merge that with Costco's wholesale and warehouse aspects. Then merge that with a street fair's multitudes of different vendors. Put that in a 7 story (plus one basement) building the size of a city block. The aisles should be about 1m or less in width for most of the building. Organize the floors by what is being sold (yarns and threads, fabrics, buttons, etc) and then group vendors with similar wares together on the appropriate floors. There is some faux fur in this market and I'll be going back to check the prices against what I could buy in the US. But I want to make sure that it's a decent quality before I buy it. So is there any way to tell the quality of faux fur by looking it over? And I do know the Korean word for faux fur (it's 인조모피 'injomopi'), so I'll be able to verify that it isn't real fur. ^^
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