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  1. If you're into metal, hit me up! I'm quite a metal nerd, so I can hook you up with quite a few good Christian metal bands depending on your metal genre taste.
  2. Welcome to the forum! I hope you like it here.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Can't go wrong with classic rock, man. I think you will find that you'll like it here.
  4. Welcome to the forum! I'm Eunno, the local fennec fox. Great to see another tech geek around!
  5. I've never gotten to play one, though I drool over their dual/triple rectifiers. The vypyr has some decent distortion, I use the 6505 modeling preset and it has enough gain in it for anyone. I can send some audio files of it sometime if you'd like. And the V-Picks, I love them for a few reasons. 1) Thickness, they make .8mm all the way to 5mm and above! I like the 4.10mm personally. 2) Beveled edges! Beveled edge pics like this make tremelo picking super easy compared to others. I've tried using non-beveled tortex sharps and ultex picks and the just sound to scratchy to me without the bevel. 3) Point! Most standard picks aren't very sharp, and for my style they make some great picks, they also make rounded and in between picks. 4) Durability! My V-Pick "snake" has lasted me since february. Sure they're expensive for picks, but they last way longer. My snake as shown in the picture is starting to get a bit rounded from using one edge too often. 5) When playing clean and crunchy tones, thick picks really do fatten up the tone.
  6. Alrighty, thought I'd join in. Currently running with three guitars: a Schecter Hellraiser Extreme(In the satin black variety with Floyd-Rose trem, and Emg 81/89R), an Ibanez Rg of the mid/low range of the RG's(all stock), finally a B.C. Rich Warbeast Trace (fantastic guitar for the $400 pricerange. Very low action, and sounds good with distortion, and come on, It's a Warbeast! Of course you're gonna be using distortion!). Amp choice is an older Peavey Vypyr 30, far better than the newer VIP Vypyrs I think. Get's great sounds for the $250 price range, from extreme death metal gain saturated tones, to pretty decent cleans. I run mostly D'addario and Cleartone strings: 12-56 in E standard, 13-60 for drop C, and 13-65 for B standard. Probably pretty obvious that what I play is stuff from Iron Maiden, all the way to things such as As they sleep or Amon Amarth. And I'm juuust saying if y'all ain't tried V-picks yet for playing guitar, you're missing out! I regularly use 4.10mm picks and I honestly can't go back anymore. Thinnest I can use is 2.5mm. Weeeeelllll, that wraps that up.
  7. While you've been here longer than myself; Welcome aboard! ~ The local fennec.
  8. Thank you, I've been loving how many friendly people there are here. I /love/ art, though I'm not much good at it myself. -~-
  9. Thank you! All sounds good to me. cx Well, I don't really have one type that I focus on. I really just work on whatever comes to mind. One day that could be a combustion style potato cannon, the next it could be something electrical. When it comes to that stuff I like to consider myself a "jack-of-all-trades"!
  10. Nice to meet you! And thank you, for both the welcome and the coffee. -he nods slightly as he takes the cup, taking a sip of it- Danke~
  11. Just recently discovered this site, so I figured it'd be good for me to have a more christian friendly environment to be in. Real name: Kaleb Other names: Eunno (pronounced Yoo-no) About your fursona: Fursona...that'd be Eunno. Fennec fox, colouration as shown in my avatar. Age: 15 Gender: Male Location: USA Artist/Writer: Uhm..I play guitar. If that counts as something. Style: Pertaining to my guitar playing, metal. Been to any cons: Not yet! Fav. music: Metal (particularly extreme metal genres such as Death metal, Melodic death, ect.), classic rock, and classical music. Likes: Reading, coffee, computers, music, guitar, anything "do-it-yourself", and outdoors. Dislikes: Bigotry, lying, rap and modern country music, prejudice, and ignorance. Church Denomination: Nondenominational my whole life, I simply go by what is written in the Bible. Anything else: Rather excited to hopefully meet new people with the same beliefs as myself!
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