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  1. Akarynth

    Music rigs

    Hm I wonder... I used a roughly .5x mm pick not long ago and it felt so easy to rapidly pick a string(s), but I do like a thick sound, hence why I went from using hybrid strings with a .52 6th to a .56. Sorta funny, I've only ever been doing solo but I would love to try out a band since I hate how hard it is to decide on things without anyone else to give input, and I'm relatively indecisive... I'll be sitting there going through about a dozen different tones on my guitar wracking my brain with what one to use... let alone what I put together in a song... Oh well it seems quite a few of us creative around here and motivated toward making a career of it... Maybe if it should be part of God's plan that we are each successful, then maybe we'll end up seeing eachother some day somewhere like the Ichthus festival - that would be cool, the dream, just gotta keep working hard...
  2. Akarynth

    Music rigs

    Ha as soon as I read the name 'schecter' I knew you'd be a metal guitarist lol. Ever got a chance to try out a mega boogie amp? They're usually the metal heads dream come true lol. So what sort of distortion units do you use? Or do you just use preamp? But v-picks... first time I've actually heard of them, what makes them good? I usually use dunlop tortex picks of about .73mm to 1mm... though I really can't figure out what size is best for tremolo picking
  3. Akarynth

    Music rigs

    Alvarez... Not a name I've heard before, but I see you're an acoustic person then! And aiming to be totally solo? No band / drummer or such? Acoustic I'd be aiming for Taylor, they're usually such a high quality sound and hence used by some of the best.. But no idea what they're like in percussion lol, I don't think I tend to see people testing their guitars as drums. I'm also looking at putting together my own little studio next year to do plenty of recording, I'm looking at getting everything from steinberg and line 6 recording equipment to bass, drums, piano, hopefully the whole lot so I can really do some full on recordings and put together some demo's, and advertise my work where ever and how ever much I can... already been coming up with all these marketing strategies and such... But most of all, such fun and the reward of making something... Also, what were you doing on a longboard playing guitar lol (I don't actually know what a longboard is... lol)
  4. Akarynth

    Music rigs

    So what sorta rigs are people around here running and why did they choose to go with those choices? E.g. for myself I'm primarily running with an Ibanez Darkstone guitar because of its versatility with its pole piece construction pickups that include a coiltap for changing from humbucker to single coil pickup sounds so it's good for putting on a nice hard sound on the humbuckers or a clean elegant sound on the single coils... Plus the Darkstone is a beautiful looking guitar and looks great on stage... I like to use Earnie Ball strings since they're used by so many musicians - just started trying a .56 gauge on the 6th string because I want to try getting a more thicker sound out of my guitar... I used to be using Boss multi-fx pedals, but most recently have been using software in the form of Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6, which has a better sound quality than my previous Boss pedals, but I'm kinda over emulated sounds nowadays, the only way to go is dedicated hardware if you want true sound quality, so I'm gonna be buying some more dedicated distortions like zvex fuzz and such while getting a new Line 6 POD multi-fx for my secondary sounds such as tremolo, phaser, etc as well as for line splitting... And I run a Peavey envoy 50w amplifier which has some really nice tone, but I want to get probably a Marshall amp for their legendary sound... Hoping to be able to spend many more moneyz on much more equipment soon enough.. here's to hoping for a custom built Manson guitar....... *drool*
  5. Woo, maybe I should have you on as a producer lol, exactly the sort of stuff that helps and why I always hate working alone. If only I could pull together tracks like Daft Punk can too lol, though my experience in electronic is extremely little so far... So I spent a good amount playing around with part 1 last night, just mostly around the interlude though like I've changed up the bass line a bit with extra notes and experimented with a new drum rhythm that really picks up the tempo and sounds pretty cool I think but not too sure so far whether it works with the theme of the song... maybe as a breakdown though... I'd upload it if I could but I seem to be having a lot of problems with uploading anything recently, the connection is being broken... But yeah! I'll certainly have a heap more work to do with this thing...
  6. Hey maybe while I've got y'all here, you can give some ideas on a couple of my EP tracks as well! E.g. My bluesy alt rock song I've been working on which pretty much revolves around one chord with a nice odd tuning - it's a slower bpm song with clean guitar... so far I'm up to working on the breakdown / solo, then final chorus and outro http://www.mediafire.com/listen/0w39qe2r96sw1a5/rock.mp3 Also one of my other favorites I've been playing with for my EP, a more dancey bass driven track as of where so far I'm only up to the prechorus... gotta come up with some chords and whatever I'm gonna do with the chorus... I'm thinking of some arpeggio on the guitar or something... http://www.mediafire.com/listen/g3yh443bghzkd45/firstmin.mp3 I think so far those are my two favorites... Then I've got several other more guitar driven songs, a couple with some more lead guitar riffs throughout, a couple more on the side of heavier rock toward metal, and then a cheerful little piano song inspired by U2's Ordinary Love that I can't get past the intro on yet... Oh yeah, no vocals yet, haven't got the right vocal recording gear yet... And still working on my vocal style... yeah
  7. Thanks very much, you're right about dangerous lol, but that's the sort of feedback I'm after and most certainly very helpful, maybe I should get you listening to all the tracks I've been working on for my EP lol. The latest on these two tracks is that for part 2 I've figured some ways to move it forward so it changes from a darker sound to a sudden uplifting motivational scale after the piano buildup where a couple string ensembles kick in with staccato and spiccato playing styles with the piano - also thinking of adding in bass... Then it'll probably slow down again and maybe take more emphasis on the synthy sounds as suggested... Part 1 is going to be a challenge to expand on, still thinking of the idea of having the part at the end as a drum fill which then introduces a guitar solo... Maybe also adding a guitar to spice up that middle part with just the bass and drums because I'm starting to think it sounds a bit bland at that point, and then will work with the drums a bit more - probably play with the decibel levels and such I guess, decided to go with an acoustic drum as opposed to electronic drum due to influence from the Judge Dredd opening soundtrack, hoping the acoustic sound would add a touch of grit to the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgb1ldZRVOY Maybe I should play with the drum rythm some more... always so many possibilities it makes my head spin
  8. Well! We'll see what's still available in the future when I get my new little recording studio up and running next year, I can also do Scottish accents as well so maybe I can try out multiple voices if they're still there at that time!
  9. Thanks again, I've gotten alright at drawing ducks lol, just not a whole lot else - I've drawn Bugs a couple of times and Porky... A whole lot more practice still needed to be a good artist! And Darkwing, I've actually only heard of him once before... first time I saw him was in a Danger Duck vs Darkwing Duck poster lol, don't know him that well...
  10. I've been told by several people that I have an Irish accent, including an Irish guy who thought I was from Ireland as well... I always find that amusing
  11. Hmmm how do you intend to reach your target audience? I'm just thinking of how many kids usually use the internet to watch shows targeting their demographic... Although then again if it's just a project for the fun of it and to see what comes out of it then what does it really matter eh, I'd be happy to play a live gig infront of 1 or 2 people without caring just because I enjoy playing live and having fun doing it! I'd volunteer if you needed someone with an Australian and or Irish accent, and if recording weren't being done til mid next year - but I'd be doubtful that's the case
  12. Akarynth

    Steam Friends?

    Ahem, I was thinking of creating a thread til I saw this one, I'm looking for people to play games with, my steam account and gaming are getting relatively lonesome! http://steamcommunity.com/id/faithfulservant/ ^ That's me!
  13. Looney Tunes aren't too hard to draw once you get used to the style, like I figure I've pretty much got Daffy down having got a hang of the style of his beak and all, here's another picture I drew inspired by one of the scenes from The Looney Tunes Show that I found adorable and hilarious of Daffy looking after a duckling while singing along to the itsy bitsy spider without a clue as to the lyrics http://www.furaffinity.net/full/17496718/ Though I might have made the duckling a bit wide... I guess it's well fed! I also recently started attempting to draw the Loonatics, but it's such a different style from the Looney Tunes - much more square as of where they were round, this was my first attempt at drawing Danger Duck with my first ever attempt at water colouring something... could have done better! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17609317/
  14. So! What is the genre and target audience/demographic of this endeavour anyway, curiosity
  15. Thanks much, I don't know how I managed to do it well - it's my best sketch so far. So any other Looney Tunes fans with any fanart of their own?!
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