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    Animals, Bible Study,Art,Family,Friends,My pets and.....CHICKENS!!!
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    Arctic/Fennec Fox Hybred

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  1. Annx

    Im an Artist!

    want to see!! or hear!!
  2. Annx

    Im an Artist!

    long time, but I did not get serious till college.
  3. Annx

    Monster hunter 3?

    Yay!! I'm barley defeated the lagiacus! Iv never played with anyone else! cant play today but I'm free tomorrow!
  4. http://artofannx.blogspot.com/ <<<<Samples of my art https://www.facebook.com/Annx0413?ref=aymt_homepage_panel <<<<Samples of my art I will do a Character Reff sheet (2 turn around, 4 expressions and a pose that shows off the characters personality) The biding starts at $15.00 minimal bid $3.00(no 0.01 bids) Will end the 30th good luck! RULES -------------- -only bid if you have the money -paypal only -First come first serve -48 hours to pay
  5. Annx

    Monster hunter 3?

    I know 4 is out, I just need to save up for it. In the meanwhile, anyone still play 3?
  6. Formerly Kail cute art! thank you all for the warm welcomes!
  7. wow thank all! mmm coffe!! "sip sip" Im REALLY new to the word of the furry and recently realized I was one! Ive always loved drawing anthros and animals all my life. I identify as a Arctic/Fennec fox combo but I feel it may be to generic. Im playing with the idea of a horse/pony or something more unique but still stay will the idea of a mammal.
  8. Annx

    Im an Artist!

    http://artofannx.blogspot.com/ Pm me for your furry needs! I draw Everything!!!
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