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Found 2 results

  1. Well I've grown frustrated with gmail's user-unfriendly interface and remarkable lack of options for basic functionality (the select all checkbox for basic html view has vanished, apparently, and I suspect they are attempting to do away with this option entirely.) so I'm looking to make a new web-based E-mail addy and was curious if anyone here had any suggestions. I do have a place in mind (inbox.com), but I thought I'd also ask here as well. Thing is though there are some stipulations: 1. the service cannot be a known privacy invader or tie in ads etc. for the service. (IE no data mining practices) 2. it must not require flash or java to run, or a "modern browser" (My system is old, and I'm not about to waste what limited funds I have on some new wi(red to everything that can)-fi(nd you) spybox that has little end-user controls, just to get a simple e-mail.) That is to say, the more bare-bonesy it is, the better, if it runs on basic old HTML and has no "bells and whistles" or viruses like "social media integration" then its likely a winner. 3. it must have good end-user controls... Nobody likes to try to wade through reams of meaningless and useless help or support pages just to access particular settings that have been purposefully buried. (ala gmail.) & of course, it must be Free for personal/non-commercial use. 3A. (optional) If it accepts an external client to send and receive e-mail (such as Pegasus mail) then that is much to it's credit. Yeah, I know these prerequisites are approaching unattainability given how things are going these days, but it never hurts to ask, right? ^.^
  2. Well I was looking around some security-oriented things the other day and happened across this: http://web.archive.org/web/20130707044556/http:/sealedabstract.com/code/nsa-proof-your-e-mail-in-2-hours/ with regard to the recent N.S.A. spying news. It isn't any good to me, but perhaps you more program/code oriented people on here with linux can make some use of it. As I understand it it's hosting one's own e-mail and making it have better encryption and spam filtering than gmail. As far as encryption goes, one may want to use GPG where they use PGP, since I've heard rumor of PGP being compromised. I know nothing of code, so I couldn't say what all this actually does, so grain of salt and all that.
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