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  1. oh, then yes. i haven't drawn for a while, school been in the way. now it's the summer i should try to get the rust off the old gears. I've heard of it but i haven't played it yet. i'll try it soon. yay :3!
  2. So recently i stumbled upon this site and already everyone is nice don't usually see that from forum sites. anyway, here is my info. Real name: Joey McKinnon (it's my real name.) Other names: My mine craft name is enderbuddy (i had a cat named buddy.) About your fursona: have not really established a fursona, i usually imagine myself as a cat of some sort though. Age: 15 (almost 16) Gender: male. Location: Roswell New Mexico Email: [email protected] IM: don't got one Web site(s): my tumblr is buddywugglemckinnon. i do not a have an iPad anymore so i'm not going to be able to use it until i install more ram to my laptop. Artist/Writer: God? is that what they mean or is this something else. for right now i'll put God since they wrote the world and that includes us. Style: i haven't really established a style yet, still experimenting. Been to any cons: cosmic con, not really a furry convention, but i think some people bring those suits, there was a guy with a game of thrones/world of war craft thingy, so it's technically a fur suit, not the one you guys probably have in mind. Fav. music: electronic or anything calming, i used to like sad music but now the magic of it has kinda went away. Likes: nature and games that challenge the mind, as well as comedy. Dislikes: people who show disrespect to each other. whoever decided to create the first computer virus. Church Denomination: baptist? i go with my neighbors and they don't really tell me. i think they go to anything similar to baptist. Anything else: i have insomnia i think, i'm not sure though. could be my diet though.
  3. username: enderbuddy is it a bukkit server? if so does it have offline mode? i'm still using mineshafter (i am planning to get the legit game soon, just don't have the money for it yet.) and i wanna join.
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