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  1. Hi, welcome to Christian furs! Have a T-shirt! *tosses you a T-shirt* Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  2. I would have titled the poem "frigid". One becomes it seems to be about the loss of a relationship, which can leave one feeling very frigid. Secondly, because the metaphors surrounding it are dealing with temperature, going from warmth to coldness. The titling it "frigid" would definitely fit both metaphors.
  3. Hi! Welcome to the nuthouse! Here, have a T-shirt! *Tosses you a T-shirt* I'm not a big fan of most of the stuff you mentioned. To be honest, I hate electronic music in most of its forms. I do like some forms of metal and rock. Whose your favorite metal bands?
  4. Hihihihihihihi Tomo! You're a hyper one, huh?
  5. Ah! Techno! Kill it with bleach! j/k Seriously, its not my cup of tea, but its a good effort.
  6. i usually don't play games on my cell.....I'll look into it though.
  7. Canadian! AAAHH! Just kidding. HI, nice to meet you Ember. Josiah, it has been quite some time. A long and winding road you could say to bring me back to this website and all of you great people.
  8. Hello everyone! I have returned to the site! Wahoo! Praise Jesus! And pass the ammo. The only difference right now is I'm currently not holding myself back as much as I used too. I promise to try and not curse, but there maybe times I fail at that one. Now that I'm back, I promise to reform health care, start a war with Canada, and cause world hunger.
  9. Hey! Welcome to the club! Step in! Have a T-shirt! **tosses you a T-shirt** Hope you enjoy your stay.
  10. Hello! Welcome to the clubhouse! Glad you found us. Being furry is easy. Have imagination, will travel!
  11. That's good poetry dude! We are all in awe of God!
  12. Welcome back! You beat me to the obvious pun! **hands you a club T-shirt** I think you'll fit in nicely here.
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