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    Name: Daniel.
    Age: Classified.
    Location: South Carolina.
    Religion: Non-denominational Christian
    Interests: Computers, music, vidja games, and drawing.

    The Agony Scene, Antestor, As I Lay Dying, Becoming the Archetype, A Body Divided, Colossus, Common Yet Forbidden,
    Daft Punk, Demon Hunter, Earth From Above, Every Knee Shall Bow, Fit For a King, Impending Doom, In the Midst of Lions, Prepared Like a Bride, Pyrithion, Stargazer, With Blood Comes Cleansing, Whitechapel, and Wolves At the Gate, along with pony-related music.

    Transformers: Prime, Littlest Pet Shop, Doctor Who, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and other lesser-known shows.
    Old favorites: Death Note, Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (MTV Spider-Man), and Wolf's Rain.

    -Video Games-
    Minecraft, Borderlands 2, Amnesia: The Dark Decent, all the Star Fox games, Left 4 Dead 2, both Portal games, Super Mario 64, Audiosurf, Okami, Blacklight: Retribution, and a bunch others that I'm too lazy to list or haven't played recently.

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  1. Wolveon

    Minecraft Server

    Jeez, sorry I haven't been keeping up with this topic. Yes, I'd still love to have a stress test some time. I need to mess around with a few settings on my server before I am 100% ready, though. If you guys are still interested, I'll let you know when I finish.
  2. Wolveon

    Minecraft Server

    Anyone interested in helping me test my server? Hamachi is required. I'd prefer to try at night, usually around 10:45-12:30 EST. Just let me know whenever it's convenient for you. If all goes well, I'd like to occasionally host some PVP games or custom stories for us to play. Sound fun? Just make sure to give me your Minecraft username so I can whitelist you.
  3. Amnesia is actually just one game, though an indirect sequel is coming out on the 10th. But anyways, you play as a guy named Daniel who (assuming I remember everything correctly) witnessed or heard something so awful he took some sort of medicine to make himself forget, hence the title. It's basically another I-don't-know-who-I-am type of games. As for the gameplay itself, you have no ways of defending yourself at all. The best thing you can do is sneak, run, and hide. If you get caught, you're pretty much screwed. Daniel also has an apparent fear of the dark, so if you stand in it for too long your sanity meter slow drains until you go insane and fall over, alerting your presence to all the monsters everywhere. You need to try and use your lantern (which runs out of oil fairly fast, so you must find refills of oil as well) and tinderboxes to light your path. But remember, light makes it easier for you to be spotted. Honestly I think it's overrated, but the ability to play custom stories created by others makes up for that.
  4. I'm absolutely no good at explaining things, so here's the Wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amnesia:_The_Dark_Descent :v
  5. AMFP is releasing September 10th. Anyone excited besides me? I'm even more excited for September because Outlast comes out the day before my birthday (September 5th, Outlast is coming out September 4th)! :>
  6. Darn, if I had the money I'd get a ref sheet done. But alas, I do not, but sometime in the future I'd like to commission ya.
  7. I visit two other sites using this same forum software, and both give users to create blogs. I am wondering, will that ever be possible here?
  8. Well, there's always the Star Fox series. Dust: An Elysian Tail is also about anthro characters.
  9. Cool avatar, did you draw it/

  10. Wireless card, perhaps? This happened to me recently.
  11. >Fav. music: any christian music >Dislikes: death metal, screamo :v Anyways, welcome aboard! :3
  12. *necros thread* I love Linux, much better than the other OSes out there. I like the look and feel of OS X, but I'm not paying whatever ridiculous price Apple is asking for one of their Macs. $20 for a Hackintosh is manageable, however. Can you even count Chrome OS as an operating system? ._. And Windows is just.. Windows. But anywho, Linux. My favorite Distros are Ubuntu, Zorin, Pear, and Pinguy. I can't run any recent versions of any of those (stuck with Windows 7 at the moment) because of my outdated wireless card, which I am planning on replacing. Whenever I do I plan on installing Ubuntu 12.04 to my other hard drive.
  13. North Carolina? You're pretty close to me. Welcome!
  14. Happened to be visiting your profile when I noticed... Happy birthday!

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