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  1. So is anyone here heard of or Read DioM? Or am I the only one? X3
  2. So anyone who wants to read what I have for "Dragon Knight" PM me although my computer just got repaired and I need to reset my backups lol XD I appologize for the delay, I had forgotten about my post X3
  3. Mm I hope to have my own series
  4. No problem, post your E-mail here :3
  5. As lewis from Left for Dead would say "Grabbing Pills!"
  6. So I have been spoken to by the one about (God obviously) and he has willed that I create a story, Fantasy novel in a way much like C.S. Lewis was with The Chronicles of Narnia in how it had spiritual truths within its pages but also appealed to a secular auidiance as well. I was wondering if anyone wnated to read what I have written so far or wanted to know more about it, if you want to read what I have, just say so or simply send me a note :3
  7. So has anyone read the entire Eragon series including the Inheritance?
  8. This is a thread for your favorite Sound Tracks from any game you wish. I like Halo and Gears of war but my favorite Song off all time is the GRAW Title Theme check it out:
  9. Well I gave the beta to a friend because he didnt get a code and he really wanted to play it...but when he downloaded it he found out that he actually got 4 codes with it to give out to friends XD I guess God wanted to reward me for giving. Giving is better then recieving Anyways I played the Beta yesterday and it was pretty good. there is a couple of lag issues and the fact that sometimes shoots can GO THROUGH walls but other then that I think its going to be a fun game. I really Liked Ghost Recon: Advance Warfighter, comonly known as GRAW. btw I love the Title Theme song for GRAW 1
  10. I'm actually going to form my own Video Game Studio when I get out of college
  11. This is also another one of my favorite songs, :3
  12. So if you were to have a theme song what would it be? Mine is VNV Nations Solitary, And the remix of it, Solitary Singles from the Solitary EP Watch 47:21 to see VNV Nation Solitary live from the "Pastperfect" DVD release in 2004 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foDulW2RnNk
  13. I am having issues with a mobile wireless hotspot from time warner cable, now mined you it is not mine, its my suite mates from my dorm here at the community college I am going to. I am planning on getting one of my own from T-Mobile since Time Warner dosent offer their Wireless Hotspots anymore...Is their anything I can do to make the Mobile Hotspot from not overheating that wont be modifying it? like putting something on the bottom of it?
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