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  1. I love the new site! It looks really nice, to me.
  2. Whenever I post, for some reason, it double posts So just checking here, seeing if I can figure out why :3 Meow Flyleaf Evanescence Music, ssdkfndsojfd Hmmmm... It didn't do it this time. We shall see....
  3. The video in the original post is now down I will have a new one, soon. Also, She-King thank you! I will note your suggestion.
  4. The video in the original post is now down I will have a new one, soon.
  5. I think it's a bit loose on me. But before I put the fur on it moved really well. I think the fur is too tight somewhere. I'm not sure if I want to go for scary or not. I've considered toony eyes, but I am leaning more on the resin eyes. She'll have bright green eyes, but if I make them out of resin I don't think they will be follow-me.
  6. HAI! I'm working on a Hippogryph (Kinda like a gryphon except rarther than a lion and a bird it's a Horse and bird) The bird part is a crow and the horse part is a Grey horse with splotches :3 Here's a WIP Video (THe head only. It's basically done, I just have to fix the mouth and add eyes) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOfvJ1SEMQQ Any suggests?
  7. Heh, Still Fire Fire by Flyleaf. My favorite song:
  8. Heh, Still Fire Fire by Flyleaf. My favorite song:
  9. Great Genre. Great band. Great music. And the former lead singer had such ab amazing backround. 1 of only 3 bands I listen to. Flyleaf so amazing, and there music has so much meaning, I can't help but love them Don't know who they are? I feel so bad for you! Google them, and listen to a couple songs! Try "Green Heart" or "Fire Fire" no matter what song you listen to, they sound amazing. They are a Grrunge/Metal/Alternative rock band, who are very christian(while they don't admit it) Anyone else into them?
  10. Hello! I go by a couple things. Olivia. Jade. Amay. And occasionaly Midna. I am young, and a new furry. Found this,website,when I was doing some interweb searching out,of the curiosity if there were furs with the same fath as me... Well... Almost. I was raised chtistian, and still concider my self christian but,honestly... I,have doubts. I try so so so hard to not doubt the Lord, but I can't help iy. But, I came here,because,it seemed like almost,every furry was athiest. I was,overjoyed yo find so many sites like this. I liked,this one the most. I am a female with two,fursonas. Mainly,because, depending on who I am with, I have two different personalities( I'll get into,that later) Jade the,wolf/dragon and Amaya yhee Hippogryph. I like to dye my hair red( well,, not dye. Normally just highlights) And I can't wait to get to know you guys! Bye!
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