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    Aside from interest in furry fandom things I also like to draw. I have a dA (wolfie115) and an FA (~Serenity~) where I upload some stuff. Both are pretty outdated though right now. I recently built my first fursuit head, with more things planned right now for personal use anywho.

    On the total flipside though, I breed and show rabbits at ARBA sanctioned show. I design logos for fellow breeders and clubs. I'm our county 4H leader for rabbits and a licensed registrar hoping to obtain my judges license in the next few years.

    I'll be graduating in December 2015 with my associated in CADD and am currently working as an engineer/CADD operator for a company where I hired in as an intern and later earned a full-time position. :)
  1. A good like-minded friend (who has solid beliefs in the Truth) is always a good thing for any Christian. I'm a rather introverted person so I naturally am only drawn to very few close companions. I'd say I have two that I'd call "close" but one I have to use good judgement around as they aren't Christian so don't always understand my reasoning for certain actions I might do. (For example I really liked a guy I used to work with, but he wasn't a Christian and being unequally yoked and working for a relationship like that could be dangerous for the both of us so I never really pursued it.) Something like that might not make sense to someone who doesn't half the same beliefs and thinks that if "said boy" was a good person he would be mindful of my beliefs. But that wouldn't have been fair to either of us. Likewise, my "other" close friend (whom I refer to as my sister as I have been "adopted" per say by her family) is a firm believe in the Truth and has helped me to grow and understand it. She helped keep me on a steady path in the right direction, fully understanding my trouble as it (unfortunately) seems to be common issue for young singles to be tempted by unbelievers whom they are attracted to. She encouraged me and kept me from making poor decisions that could have seriously messed me up (though she had experience with that particular issue as she had been dealt a bad hand with it). Anywho, a good relationship with another Christian to help keep you accountable for your actions is very helpful.
  2. Thanks everyone! I have to convince myself to actually respond again, been so busy and just lurking. D: Thanks! I have/had a wolf fursona too that I used for years. But a lot of things had changed so the idea for my current one came to mind since there were so many unpleasant memories that stuck with my old one/previous self. You could say that the current one was slightly inspired by my hobbies and a teensy bit by my best friend's fursona who is actually deer/horse (though I tend to make her look more canine, lol). http://wolfie115.deviantart.com/art/Embyr-Mae-325307631 (Picture of her I drew like three years ago) http://wolfie115.deviantart.com/art/Buds-357725788 (Picture of my old 'sona Silver with her from about the same time)
  3. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. :-) I guess you'd call it mechanical engineering, we work with tarp covering systems for semi trucks, grains trucks end ect. I mostly do the CAD work involved though. I work a bit with design but mostly clean up of prints and any updates made to the system that need to be reflected on the CAD level. :-) Thanks! I'm about 50miles north of Bay City/Saginaw area. Pretty much out in the boonies. But wouldn't have it any other way as cities (mostly the driving) makes me pretty nervous.
  4. Thanks! I have some buddies who have interest in furs but don't really consider themselves one. Well except one, but she's like 2-3hrs south of me now. Nah, its not a legal thing at all. More like an accomplishment of sorts, like holding a diploma or certificate for something you worked to accomplish is all. I wish to become a rabbit judge some day and the registrars license is basically a stepping stone before I can work on earning my judges license.
  5. Here is the direct links to the pictures I posted. I just copied them, not quite sure how to post image on here yet. First pic: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18351867/ Second pic (my fursuit head) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18364299/ It was my first attempt at a fursuit head. Just finished her this last week. Waiting for more fur to add the neck, and hopefully make a tail. Haha, the license isn't for ownership its the method they use to register rabbits with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Unlike the AKC, the rabbits have to undergo an examination to see if they pass their breed requirements pedigree information, ect.
  6. Nice to see others from MI. I tried looking at other places for MI furs, but hadn't had the best luck. One place I "thought" I found was loaded with nasty spam and no active users. :/ I'm on the northeast side of the lower peninsula, so usually at least 2 hours away from any of the cons in our state. But that's living out in the boonies for you I guess.
  7. Hello, I'm Serenity (actual name is Sarah, I'm 23). Just stumbled across here actually looking for tutorials on building fursuits, I joined a few days ago but haven't had the chance to write a proper introduction. Was glad to see a "clean" furry community. I am a Christian, so I hadn't found much else that was really appropriate much less active as far as forums are concerned. This is my character, Serenity. I tend to describe her as a wolf/jackalope hybrid, though she is more canine in structure. As I mentioned I was looking for fursuit tutorials and this was the result of my searchings. I guess a little bit more about myself, interests and stuffs. I like to draw, usually just personal stuff or things for friends. Occasionally I take commissions for logos but only when I have time and need extra cash. I work full time as an engineer. I specialize in our CAD work and will be graduating with my degree later this month. I also breed and show purebred rabbits. Winter is down time here though since it gets cold here in MI, at least for showing, so I'll probably be working on pieces for my fursuit during my downtime. In the spring though I go to shows about every weekend all over the state, and I'll be swinging over to Wisconsin for my breed nationals. In relation to rabbits I'm our county 4H leader for rabbits and a licensed registrar with the ARBA. I plan to obtain my judges license in the next few years too. At my old church I was an assistant youth leader, but our church had some issues and we hadn't had youth in the last year maybe two. Been going to a new church though which is very nice and very much alive. We've only been going there for the last few months, but I hope to get involved after I'm done with college. Anyway, that's pretty much me in a nutshell. Nice to meet you guys.
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