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    Loving God, playing video games, making videos and talking with other people.

    I have to say this, I will tell the truth because I believe in the word and the truth it has. So, know the answer I want you to know that I have for all of you is that I love you.
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    Rainbow Otter
  1. I will always love you, but know God's Agape is forever.

  2. What does it mean to follow God? Will you follow all that hurts you and kills you on this narrow road that is set. Or will you find safety like a fly attracted to honey?

  3. What does it mean to follow God? Will you follow all that hurts you and kills you on this narrow road that is set. Or will you find safety lie a fly attracted to honey?

  4. God loves all that he has created, but that does not mean we are all of children of God. Even good people go to hell.

    1. Penter


      "For there is no one righteous, no not one"...

      When we want to determine the goodness of humanity, what we must do is compare it to something outside. That would essentially be comparing us between God, and the Devil. While we may not be intentionally evil out of our own will, when compared to God we are more like Demons if anything- We are trapped in sin. Yes, God loves everyone. Yes, Not everyone is a son of God. But that doesn't mean the people in Hell do not deserve it, o...

  5. What does it mean to be a Child of God? To read the bible and do as we please and never be corrected? Or to lives life that God knows that is possible and wonderful as long as we follow him?

  6. I agree some things have taken away from time with God. For me it would be school and work and at times hanging with friends. I read the word but not enough, I need to fill my spirit and not just be tired all the time to the point I do not want to study. Its good to take it a piece of it at a time and control what we do in moderation.
  7. Imaria Tones on youtube is a christian metal Japanese band
  8. Welcome and im glad our here. Don't ever hesitate to open up and ask what you need to say or want.
  9. JollyRancher

    Im an Artist!

    Awesome sauce I like your style and it changes up. Im still practicing my art but its cool to know your stuffs :3
  10. To live for God is to be hated upon those who choose not to accpet the truth. To live in the world of sin is to live in darkness, and accept lies that cover the truth.

  11. Ello Ello! Don't hide from us we shall sniff ya out and hug you to death. Welcome to this fourm and im glad God has lead you here rather you new or not. :3
  12. Ello my AZ the welcome to the page may God keep you and I hope you keep on the path.
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