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  1. SilverSoul_the_Wolf

    Preparing for crowdfunding for the Minecraft server

    The specs look good, but the one thing I'm concerned about is the 1 GB of ram. That doesn't seem like enough to support a server, I mean, I can only run minecraft at that ram on low settings. Other than that this looks good. As for the enjoin website, it's a must. Having one of these makes administration infinity easier, as forums can be used to deal with issues. It's also a got way to see if the server is up, who's on, and just that kind of thing. As for the PayPal I have no idea. Sorry.
  2. SilverSoul_the_Wolf

    Minecraft Server

    You realize this topic is like 2 years old right? XD
  3. VBS is fun, and I'll be on the irc in the mornings

  4. SilverSoul_the_Wolf

    New dragon in town!(or forum---either one)

    Pops head out from behind corner *h-hi*
  5. SilverSoul_the_Wolf

    meet the me!

    Welcome! We're both learning to draw together it seems X3
  6. SilverSoul_the_Wolf

    New member here!

    Hey! Names Silver Welcome to the community! Dubstep you say? Nice, but I'm more of a techno person. Anyways I'm getting into making music and maybe you could critique me sometimes! If you want to talk my Skype is on my page. (text only atm)
  7. SilverSoul_the_Wolf

    I made a pretty cool song (took forever)

    http://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/167074 Let me know what you think of it!
  8. SilverSoul_the_Wolf

    TeamSpeak server?

    I was thinking, a lot of us are gamers, and Skype is only so good at letting us communicate. Why not set up a ts server? (or at least find one that will let us have a section)
  9. SilverSoul_the_Wolf

    Looking for Xbox Live Furs...

    Let me revive this topic- Yeah I have gold. My gamertag is on my page and if you add me just let me know that you came from here x3
  10. Ugh, finals X3

    1. Ember


      Lol, graduated 2nd semester of bible school today. :)

  11. SilverSoul_the_Wolf


    Dear eagle, you should have received a private message from an admin concerning the Christian section
  12. Allergies are a pain. I feel horrible right now.

  13. SilverSoul_the_Wolf

    Let's get this party started

    Owl city is a great group. I do like pentatonix more though. Anyways, welcome I just joined yesterday, so we are both new here!
  14. SilverSoul_the_Wolf

    Favorite Genres and Artists?

    Ahhh,where to start... I like electronic, techno, rave, and a capella. I'm also in band, trombone, so I like cool band pieces.
  15. SilverSoul_the_Wolf

    Let's crowdfund for a new clean Christian friendly furry Minecraft server!

    Is this server up? I would love to help run it! I know a bit about running a server.