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  1. It appears GIMP's drawing tools (pencil/brush) have a pressure sensitivity that isn't ideal for creating lineart (makes lines darker but won't change line width). Transferring image from Krita to GIMP yields the same issue as in Krita. I shall look into sketchbook when time permits(shouldn't be too long from now).
  2. Thanks! I have GIMP but haven't explored it much at all yet, I'll look a little deeper there. Sketchbook sounds interesting, I'll give it a try as well. It's possible it's a bug in the system that's been fixed and I just need the updated version, I'll also give that a try. Thanks again^-^
  3. Ok, so, I found a conveniently free art program called "Krita." It works great, I still need lots of practice but it's going. Now, the problem, I'm trying to add colors to my arts and I have found a snag. I can't get it to fully color. What I mean: I know how to use the "contiguous section" tool that allows me to color within a specified/enclosed area. But the pens/brushes/tools for making lines fade at the edges with grey. So I select the white on the inside and apply color, but the grey edges aren't touched (it only targets the pure white) leaving "almost" white edges around every line I color within. So... how do I get complete coloring? Do I need a new brush/tool/thing that won't leave grey edges? Is there a setting I can adjust? Is this a thing with all art programs or just Krita? Has anyone else even encountered Krita? Is this a common newby problem or am I dumber than most? Does any of this make sense?
  4. Hello Blackstone! Welcome to the bright side of the fandom^-^
  5. Welcome! Yeah, the fandom is pretty messed up. You should be pretty safe around here though^-^
  6. Welcome! It's great to make your acquaintance.
  7. Welcome! It's great to make your acquaintance!
  8. Herzlich willkommen! It's great to meet you here in this little corner of the Internet and the fandom!^-^ Hope you find what you're looking for around here.
  9. Although a bunch of random comments with no context but each other might be really entertaining.
  10. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it didn't.
  11. We were near Aubern, several siblings colleged there.
  12. Wow! So few welcomes. I'm quite late, but welcome anyways!
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