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my fursona was never someone i wanted to be: he's just a card i play. i feel like a retired fur. i've only been in here for several years, but my heart has been transformed since i originally joined this place. i've let burdens go, i grew up, my perception on everything changed, i saw life for what it is, and i sought the Lord and saw more of Him! 


I gave up my dreams. because i have to die to myself to get any closer to the Lord from here on out. i wish to speak this to many of you so that you can continue on with your walk on the narrow road! I feel even sorrow for so many of us; furry or not, us Christians struggle with sin and have nowhere to go and have no one to help us. but i know that i know that i know, that our progress is our choice. we will get what we need if we are seeking with all of our hearts! so now i left my family as Jesus commanded, i let go of my own dreams: i have no car, no job, and i live at a church with strict rules. We have missions trips where we help the Lakota indians in pineridge of south dakota. This is where i've been led to.


I had honest struggles with beastiality in the past. i liked to smoke weed and drink. addicted to porn and cigs. yiff was my greatest love! i had crushes on anthros and had emotions about furries that were of cosmic depths. i've prayed, i've tried and failed, i gave it to God. I chose agony but found life!!! God supernaturally changed my sexuality. i never found women all that attractive, until i was 22 years old. God changed something in me. for the first time in my life i would have to look away at women because they were too pretty for me to look at. This was not so much of my own efforts, but just by receiving Jesus' free love!


His love perfects us alone. without it we are nothing, but through Christ all things are possible. and He is here to save us! i'm not perfect. but i know that i have been desparate for God to come through in my life and he has been! and it can and will happen in your life if you just allow Him! 



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