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  1. yeah i'm kinda back. i replied to a couple of posts and have been kinda checking in here and there. i hope this place will still somehow get back! i've had a lot of crazy things happen in my life. i'm definitely not in the fandom for my own desires and i'm farther away from it than ever. i do like anthros but i have to take them very lightly in my heart. maybe i'll make a thread about it right about now... maybe not we'll see. regardless. i do love all of you guys, and i want all of us to know God as much as we can! let's put our hopes in the Lord and eliminate our hopes that are found in other things! God bless y'all.
  2. Pray that the fox will be saved!

  3. What is up! i take a small break and lots of newcomers out of nowhere. Welcome to one of the few safe places in furry land. Don't worry about being "too religious", we don't judge, but offer what we can (well at least... me. can't speak for the rest). I've been learning a lot about music producing as i'm trying to make a living out of it eventually. YAYYY FOR FAST PACE EDM'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you like it here ^^
  4. Hey Tommy ^.^ I hope you find good friends here. I have two words of wisdom for you... not really... but 1. Let your fursona decide you. and 2. You should totally keep being a closet furry as long as you can, because it's way better that way X3. I'm happy you chose to check us out. This is the best furry church out there (at least imo)
  5. what's up Jesse. i'm the wanna be organic hippy of the forum. Parkour is awesome! i lost 75 pounds but i'm still fat, but i'm almost there to be able start tricking. I'm also a musician and trying to make a career out of it. Welcome to the one place where you can find Christian fellowship with furries. ~meowl
  6. thanks for giving me opinions ^.^ i'll probably be posting a trancish song on here soon, also, i plan on going more drum and bass/breakcore in this production world.
  7. bucktown tiger raps a little bit. but his artwork is scarce
  8. yeah. i patched the song up kind of... except the mastering. this song was very difficult to "master". but enjoy. way better than the first version imo. https://soundcloud.com/psycho_delic7/i-wish-my-imaginary-friends-thought-i-was-cool
  9. ahh yes! that's how i was pretty much with piano.... all my life, but until jr year, then yeah.
  10. Glorious! Nice style. How long have you been doing arts?
  11. hey annx ^.^ nice profile pic!
  12. Is patricia short for Patrick?
  13. bro. You just gotta dig into it. Books on theory will help, but until you actually are learning off an instrument, you won't really get anywhere. The best learning books out there are books and exercises honestly.
  14. so like... i'm just gonna post random tracks of stuff that i'm playing around with, mostly software and not recordings. I shall start with something i made today. I used fl studio 13's demo (which i'll probably always be using) This is one of my first attempts at a breakcore-ish track. I'd call this junglecore, which isn't an established genre anyways. Understand that i'm using a demo, which means i'm not able to save, once i exit out of the program, i'm not able to do much from there, unless i want to import tracks every time i go on it, which i might just do that x.x But a couple things i wish i could've cleaned was 1st, my piano to not be so harsh, and that high pitched synth to be more... scrapey? supposed to be almost unsettling in a sense. Other than that, i used the classic amen break sample for the drums... i just downloaded it off a youtube video XP and went slicey on it hehehe. Nothing else added, just a whole load of automation and vst's. The song altogether should've been more chaotic, but whatev... mastering alone takes days!!!!!!!!!! sometimes. make sure to crank your speakers for the best results hehehe. https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/music/untitled.mp3?_subject_uid=273585546&w=AAA9h0xss-BhVTYWs6-uezDym6WejlPUGKI_Oz9wZxZYzw
  15. i know the feelz. Bands help but honestly, it's so much better to be alone if you can create all ur music by yourself. Or else you'll probably end up with more shallow material, just as good, but maybe not as meaningful to you. At least for me it was like this. THen again, i'm all about being expressive as an artist XP deep, should i say. heck yeah dude! i might have to look at some stuff eventually, you know, producing and maybe mixing eventually. i'm also a key boardest and play piano every day. i'm probably better at piano than i am guitar, but that's like comparing apples to oranges.
  16. Hope we don't scare you off *shakes your hand/paw*. i'm Josiah. nice to meet you ^.^
  17. yeah man. totally solo. i was in 2 bands at their birth before i got my job. i had to quit them both. i honestly have so much on my musical mind that i don't have time to play in bands. i want to make a living off of art that is intimately meaningful to me more than playing basic rock at bars... though i am a total punkrocker when it comes to the stage hehehehehe. My first band was like nirvana laced with queens of the stoneage, and my other band, Rust, was like Tool if tool kinda sucked. But i'm ot and don't care. and yes i'm acoustic. i play a little electric and a little picked, but i'm all ambient finger picking and percussive. i also play drums myself though: got a gretch-3 tombs, 2 floor tombs, two rides, a couple expensive sabian axx and xs symbols, and then mostly cheap ones, including china's and stuff. a couple of my set's pieces are still at Rust's house and i think they may have been sold... >.> >.> because when i msg people on fb about it, i get no response... well... oh well!!! i'm gonna miss my dw 7000 double chanied petals. but hoenstly, i'm probably gonna sell the set to save p for the studio anyways. i could probably trade it in and get a keyboard or something ^.^ I can't wait for my studio. idk what to get first... the speakers, the computer, the blehhhhH! And saving up is hard! but i am managing hehehe. I was longboarding just to be goofy with my friends... (and i also love atmosphere, and gliding through the air while playing guitar is niceX3 )
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