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  1. Hey! Welcome to the forums! nice to see another Michigan fur!
  2. Hey there! glad to meet you. I'm Rikku!
  3. Rikku

    Dark Souls 3

    I still have to beat the first two! i started on one of them, but never replaced the broken game.
  4. Welcome to Christianfurs, Patricia!
  5. Welcome to christianfurs! I'm Rikku the Fur-Dragon. Glad to have a new member to the forums!
  6. Welcome torahanjyuu! I second penter's question! Also, where are you from?
  7. late welocme to the forums! hope you enjoy it here!
  8. hello, and welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy it here!
  9. Hello! My name is Micah Brady, but for furry purposes I'm known as either Maika or Rikku. I'm a nineteen year old male living in Michigan. I've just started trying to draw in earnest, so I don't have a certain style to call my own yet. some of my interests are: Tabletop/video games, Dr. Who, and social activities. some of the things I dislike are: language classes, those who wont accept criticism, and asparagus. I'm part of a non-denominational, family integrated church. I haven't been to any cons. in fact I haven't been to any meets either! my most often used sona' is Rikku. Rikku is a small Fur-Dragon with a red and whiter color scheme.
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