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  1. I'm surprised that Clockwork Creatures, Keeatah, and Sharpe are not on the list. As for me, Ive already spoken to someone about getting a partial.
  2. The write up is done as has been for a bit. Unfortunately a lot of things have sprung up in my life. A recent firing at my work has put me into a manager position in my area as well as being severely understaffed during a busy time. Other projects long dormant from winter are now in full swing. Such as getting my muscle car back up and running on the road before a deadline. As well as planning for a new roof and back porch on my house. Top it all off and most importantly I just haven't been myself for the past 2 weeks. Erratic mood swings, outbursts of anger, a near mental breakdown... I am slowly getting better but just distracting myself with busywork to try and keep myself sane. I apologize Kail (and to everyone else) I never meant it to start out like this, and I still aim to start the bible study. Things just need to slow down and stop spinning enough for me to collect myself.
  3. What other platform would you recommend Geoffrey that has voice chat and text chat?
  4. After Direlda announced he was stepping down from leading the CF Bible Study, the administration started looking for a new leader. I was asked a little over a week ago if I would take up the bible study. To be completely honest and transparent I was surprised to be asked. I did not commit right away as I wanted to go to God on this. After all what good is a bible study is God is not present? Its His Word. I prayed for a week asking God what direction he wanted me to go. Either to decline or accept. And again being open and honest I initially didn't want to lead a bible study. i have never lead one before and have no idea how, how could I do that. All these questions, worries, and reasons why I shouldn't accept bombarded me for a week. But, after Sunday 15th I heard God tell me this is something he wants me to do. I still wasn't so sure. Fears, doubts, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy peppered me daily. On Wednesday those fears, worries, and anxieties were replaced by peace and an overwhelming sense that God was saying "Trust Me". It made for a very awesome day to have that level of peace given to me. On top of that God gave me a topic to start the bible study. I wanted to write that I was done preparing and wanted to announce that a Skype Bible Study would be in the works (need to hammer out times and peoples availability and such) but I have nothing ready. The reasons are several. Work has exponentially increased as busy season has started again. I work 55-60 hours a week, come home and pretty much pass out. And I didn't want to try and write a bible study completely exhausted from work. It sounds like a good reason, but really this is God's Bible Study, and He is more than capable of sustaining a person when they are exhausted. So, I want to apologize to the community for this. I had planned on spending my Saturday afternoon writing up the bible study God provided but my internet quit working yesterday due to some freakish circumstances. I won't bore you with the details but its just a bit fishy that so much would/could break and fail in a single day internet wise. It wasn't until an hour ago that I was able to diagnose the issue. Hopefully its fixed. So, this week, regardless of how exhausted I am, I need to write up this study. I ask for prayers that distractions are kept at bay and that God would put a protection around me from the enemy who in my eyes clearly doesn't want me doing this. As I take over the bible study I want to be very clear. This is not my bible study, its God's. I'm not going to be writing up a plan of what we should study. Its God who directs what we should study. He gave me the first bible study lesson and I think its a good one for all of us, myself included. That being said, I want people participation in this, if you have any ideas feel free to voice them here. Above all though, pray for this new endeavor, that God would lead and direct us.
  5. I was curious enough to dig through my cd collection and found Skillets debut album with the hit song Gasoline on it. They debuted in 1996. That got me thinking, there are people on this forum who are younger than Skillet... Disciple was good, haven't paid to much attention to their new stuff since there style changed. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is a great album.
  6. Ive been a Skillet fan since their album Hey You I Love your Soul (Yes I just aged myself), I miss there older stuff. Alien Youth by far is my favorite album. I went to winter jam several years ago when Disciple was playing.
  7. Good to see you again Salem, welcome back.
  8. Well, Been gone for a week from here and see a new face has arrived. Welcome to CF.
  9. Welcome back to the forums.
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