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  1. Apollo


    You as well. <:3 Thanks, Kail. That's.. Very helpful to hear. I guess, there is a lot of fear and doubt.. I.. I kinda feel like it's more fear and doubt in myself than in God. Though fear and doubting ourselves wether it's cause of our sins or whatever, guess is not having enough trust in God that he can handle it. (Something like that?).. Either way.. Easy to say. Very, very hard to live.. <:3 but it means a lot to know there are people willing to live life and it's troubles along side me.
  2. Apollo


    Thanks everyone <:3 *Sips yummy coffee!* ^.^
  3. Apollo


    Hey Norzman! ^.^
  4. Apollo


    Hi. I was apart of this site a long time ago, and honestly.. I left cause I questioned my faith, and sort of just walked away from a lot of things. Well life has been rather hard and taken it's toll.. and I question my choices.. I won't lie, my "faith" is shakey at best.. but.. I just feel like christianity is the right way to go.. So i guess I'm just gonna give it my best to follow it's path, and I wanna share that journey with anyone who is doing the same. So.. here I am. I hope to meet and become friends with you all.
  5. Apollo

    Minecraft Xbox360?

    Let me just come out and say right away, Yes the PC Minecraft is probably better. My computer is crap though and can't run it without a ton of lag. With that said I was just wonder if anyone here who had Xbox had gotten it?
  6. Apollo

    Looking for Xbox Live Furs...

    My gamertag is SMUGGLER X9 (with space) just send a message saying your from CF if you want to add me.
  7. Apollo

    Batttlefield anyone?

    Awr' date=' Sad [/quote'] Sad that you dont play it on PC? If that makes you feel better lol
  8. Apollo

    Batttlefield anyone?

    Awr, Sad
  9. Apollo

    Batttlefield anyone?

    you play it on the computer though, right?
  10. Apollo

    I promise I don't bite. :3

    Welcome Welcome Welcome!
  11. Apollo

    HI there!

    Welcome Welcome
  12. Apollo

    Minecraft Skins

    heh :3 planetminecraft for the win x3 ... hmm, I really should start playing MC again ...
  13. Apollo

    Kail's Art Revisited

    Sweet man!
  14. Well, what stops these trolls from just making an account and then trolling?
  15. Hey man I might throw you a xbox live friend request at some point if you don't care. And you should check out our Minecraft sever . Either way, I think you going to like it here, it's a great place!