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  1. Good evening everyone. I'm not really new, though I'm coming back after a long hiatus. You can call me Jude. My fursona is a rat. I'm restarting the Christian Furry Fellowship (though the name could change) within a week or two, so keep a heads up for that. I love the Lord and it's my hope that I can share His grace and kindness with the Fandom with the skills and interests he's given to me. I'm generally laid back, sort of cowardly and I hate conflict, but I'm working on that. I don't have many "hot button" topics that get me mad, but I do have high expectations of people, even when they don't of themselves. (A major source of frustration). I enjoy writing and starting and operating businesses, though my lack of confidence has really kept me from moving forward with those dreams of mine lately. I'm a gamer (mostly FFXIV nowadays, but I'm trying to put together some single-player game streams). I'm always looking for friends and encouragement, and I enjoy supporting others too. I know I have a few things promised to people from way back, but rest assured that I haven't forgotten and I'm still working on them.
  2. Honestly, that would be a bit too hokey and heavy handed. The best Christian games are those that tell a good story from the worldview of faith, love and holiness that come from the Christian worldview. People remember and enjoy Myst. People tend to unhappily remember that Noah's Ark game for the SNES years ago. Tell a great story, make sure the gameplay is innovative and enjoyable and do all things for the glory of God. (NB: stay away from explicit mentions of Scripture. The people who most need to hear and see them wouldn't want to play a game with those.)
  3. I tried to organize one before. There's a lot of initial excitement, but no one wants to put any effort into it after it becomes apparent that it's going to take work. We can try again though. I have stories, I'm a writer, and have lots of ideas. And barring that, I can organize.
  4. Welcome Ellie! I'm glad to see you're still around.
  5. Heyo! If you don't know, the Christian Furry Fellowship is a sister ministry to Christian Furs. It seems we're always doing some transition, but the Lord really does want us to grow to really serve the Fandom in Godly and proper ways. But we need artists. Our friend Norzman first volunteered but he's been caught up in stuff lately, and we do need others as well. Do you think you'd like to help out a Christian ministry with your art skills? Send me a private message or a FA note and we can talk. Even if you don't have visual art skills, we are looking for all sorts of creativity - music, game creation, audio mixing, etc etc - for future projects. (Which only are future because we can't do everything for ourselves!) So let me know!
  6. Hey! Another TN Fur! I'm in Clarksville, myself. Welcome to the forum. I hope we can encourage you in the Faith and with your creativity as well
  7. I'm interested in looking it over too. Let's see that gift that God's given you.
  8. Wait, what? Oh.... carry on.
  9. I will agree with you about erring on the side of caution. However, the churches view on hell has not really varied at all. It's only been in the last 200 years or so that views have "varied" but that comes from other cultural movements influencing people, and not necessarily from God bringing things to light. The basics of eternal, conscious punishment has always been held as orthodox, while the other views have been seen as anywhere from heresy to being somewhat in error.
  10. As much as it is important to delineate between the intermediate state and the eternal state, it's just as important to realize that once you're in one place or another, you're "set." If a person dies and ends up in the present heaven, they'll be looking forward to the Eternal Heaven (the New Earth). If a person dies and ends up in the present hell, they'll end up in the Lake of Fire when the eternal state begins. That being said, I was being as sloppy in order to be brief. Generally whenever I talk about Heaven or Hell, I'm referring to the Eternal states not the intermediate states we have now.
  11. I'm probably late to the party, but Reconciliationism and Annihilationism do not fall into orthodox Christian faith. Since Jesus left the work of the Kingdom to us Christians some 2000 years ago, we've generally only held to the view of conscious, eternal punishment as the destiny of the wicked. People who've believed that everyone gets saved in the end, or that the wicked go out of existence have been in the smallest minority. The other two views are only "Biblical" if one fails to account for things that God has already showed us. Hell is a real place that brings tears and celebration to anyone who has God's heart. Tears because any suffering, especially that which could have been prevented should pierce our hearts with compassion. Celebration because hell is where God's Justice is complete, where sin is rightfully judged and condemned. The devil has spent all of history trying to overturn God's rule and hurt, destroy and pervert everything that God delights. He and everyone else who rebelled, really do fairly deserve hell. Hell is more than separation from God, as horrible as that state of being would be in itself. But hell is also God's actively punishing and judging people for their sin. We tell of the Gospel to keep people from going there, and we live our lives in a way to demonstrate that the penalty of hell has no claim over us anymore. If you can't talk about hell with tears in your eyes, pleading with people not to go there by grabbing hold of God's provision and grace, then it's very likely you don't quite understand heaven.
  12. Pokemon Platinum. I've been trying to figure out how I can get some breeding chains going with a limited pool of pokemon to work with.
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