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  1. Yep when I lived in Utah it was comast or quest. Both were horrible... Up here in Canada I have 4 to chose from. Service varies... But telus seems to be OK. As for this censorship bull. I remember the sopa fight... One way or anther they will get their way. Even if it takes years to fully implement by little schemes like this. Sad but true. Lots of talk... Not many really doing anything about it.
  2. kk add me on skype and I will get you white listed. Skype: kingfriday1989 Steam: kingfriday_canadian
  3. Hello! Welcome. I am new here too.
  4. The only TMNT game I got into was TMNT2 for Nes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles_%28arcade_game%29
  5. Rolled back to 14w27b - due to stability issues Be sure to update your game! When you launch the game click edit profile. Then turn on "enable experimental snapshots". Select 14w27b from the drop down. Save and click play. When 1.8 comes out I will update the server to use bukkit. In the mean time I and another person are keeping a close eye. Whitelist is still in effect. Contact me if you want to join.
  6. Hmm... I may know of one actually. But I have no idea how clean his music is. I myself have been trying to write music. I am a progressive rocker, an have some very good ideas. But when it comes to execution that is were I'm having issues. I have been able to get some stuff down though. Its all clean for the most part, I have only used foul language in one lyric. Many of the lyrics I have wrote have been dark, relating to my life events. But they have taken a different turn lately. Further on the subject. I will ask around a bit. I know Norzman has some stuff posted on his fa page that is pretty good.
  7. Out of town at the moment. I will look into it more when I get back. Some time tonight.
  8. Sorry it is PC only. I am looking into some bukkit mods. But for the most part it will be vanilla. You you need anything, contact me or pladim when you become part of the server.
  9. I have been running a Minecraft server off my pc for a while now. It has gotten popular enough that is is bogging down my interwebs. So I decided that It may be a good idea to invest into a dedicated service. Furry Christian Community Server - 14w29b - vanilla (for now) : ONLINE 24/7 IP: Rules are simple: 1. Keep language and conversation clean 2. Do not steal or grief 3. We have a white list policy in effect. If you want to join you must contact me by pm, skype, steam, or email and I will add you to the server. 4. You may invite friends to the server. But they will also have to adhere to forum rules as well as the server rules. KingFriday (Owner, Admin): Steam: KingFriday_Canadian, Skype: KingFriday1989, Email: [email protected] Pladim: (Admin) When you first join you will be given the option by a admin to be allowed to use creative mode to create your own house. Afterwards your inventory will be wiped and you will be switched to survival. You do not have to do this though. I am not accepting donations at this time. I have invested into a lower tier plan. 20 people can be present on the server at one time. Consider it my gift to the community. In the future If the server populates to close to 20 people, I will probably upgrade at that point. We use skype to VOIP most of the time. If you would like to be apart of the chat, again, contact me. This may change to ventrilo or some other service later. For now skype is acceptable. Remember that there are going to be non CF members on the server. The server is geared to all Christians and Christian furs. All are welcome as long as the rules are respected, and everyone respects everyone else. So play nice and have fun! Please enjoy!!! If you have any question or comments, express them below. If you have any suggestions or requests, please also list them below. -KingFriday
  10. Norzman bites... Keep fingers, paws, and or claws away. Welcome!
  11. I have no idea how that double posted but it did... Anyway good to see lots of people here. I am quite the social creature, I love to chat and play games with people. Don't be scared to send me a pm! I use skype and steam quite a bit.
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