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    First and foremost, God. I love Him, and I love having a relationship with him. <3 Others may be: Fiction, and special effects are huge interests of mine. I love costumes and cosplay. Psychology, and psychopathology are also in this list. I'm a bit on the strange side, I can range from extremely bubbly to psychological thriller in three seconds flat, but don't let that scare you. I like to think I'm funny, I hope you'll think so too. :D
    Glad to be here, thank you for the warm welcomes! ~SleepySchizo
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  1. Youre back? Yay! Post a prayer request if you need some prayer. :)

  2. Challenge! If you have a mixed 'sona, try mixing them opposite of how you have them. I'm sorta really kinda happy with these.
  3. Finally got a sorta rough drawing of a fully anthro version of Skitz!
  4. I look in a mirror, and paint backwards.
  5. Thank you!! I've been facepainting for five years, so I've had a lot of practice.
  6. I work in a different part of the Zoo now, painting faces. One of the requirements is we have to paint our own faces, for sort of promoting our abilities. And I like to go all out and paint my face with some things that aren't on our facepaint list. I like to do special effects make-up, and such, so Facepainting is right up my ally. It's so much fun.
  7. If anyone wants to add me on Skype, It's SleepySchizo. I can make a group and we can just start off slow and stuff.
  8. That's kinda part of the main function of what this subgroup would be for. Helping each other, to start, to get through it, and to finish. Like accountability.
  9. Who wants to made a fursuit? I do, but I know it can be super stressful and confusing. So, I want to start a little subgroup for those interested in making a fursuit this year/in the future. Sorta like a support group, for us to trade tips and tricks and fursuit progress, on a deeper level and more frequent then just making a new post. We can even build together over Skype or something. Just an idea, let me know your thoughts, or if anyone's up for it.
  10. *Skitz runs out of the TARDIS* A Whovian? Welcome, my dear Dragon!!! Come on in and we can play some tabletop games!!
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