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  1. hack-wizard

    New Christian Folf in Arizona

    Thanks Carson -hugs back -
  2. hack-wizard

    New Christian Folf in Arizona

    I'm running a Good Friday service, and also one at 6AM on Easter Sunday. I do believe that we have an egg hunt set up for the kids, but by that time I'll be quite exhausted.
  3. hack-wizard

    New Christian Folf in Arizona

    Thanks all, gonna be late getting home, almost forgot that I'm running the sound for a special service tonight. See all of you around!
  4. hack-wizard

    Ubuntu Compromised

    Once again, I'm happy that I jumped the Ubuntu ship years ago... Also I'm currently using Mint ;-)
  5. wReal name: My real name is John, but I go by Wesley (my middle name) in real life. Other names: My fursona's is called Hack-Wizard or Hack for short. About your fursona: Blond furred folf, will post more details when I get home (on my cell right now) Age: 25 Gender: Male Location: Surprise, AZ Email: [email protected] IM: jwhackwizard Artist/Writer: I have written short fictional stories in the past, and have RPd before, but I can't even draw stick figures. Been to any cons: Nope, I'm a closet fur. Likes: Computers, certain science fiction, playing with electronics, classic DOS games. Dislikes: sports, hypocritical people, greedy people, people who don't think and have nothing to say. Church Denomination: United Methodist Anything else: As I said, I'm a closet fur... My mom wouldn't understand, and I have to live with her until I can afford to move out. Also, I work for my local church as an Audio / Video Technician. :-)