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This could be you...

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So I drew up a doodle(See attachment) a while back and am not sure if I want to finish it.

But I decided to see if I could perhaps auction it off and make it one of those "this could be you" sorta things.


~*The winner can choose to have me alter the sketch to their character as best to my capabilities.

I will then line art it and color it!*~

So here's the drill:


Please follow this link, then follow the instructions :3 ---> http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7188949


-I'm not sure how many people will be interested so this auction so I will end when I find a suitable bid, meaning an indefinite end date (Note* I have the right to end this auction when I see fit with no winner)


-Please only bid if you have the money for it!

I accept PayPal only!


-Min Bid increments of $2 or more please!


~*Bidding will start at $10!*~


Plz go to the link above and post a reply bid, If you don't have an FA account PM me and I'll mark down your bid and I'll make sure anyone who has been outbid knows.







happy bidding everyone! :3

~Nova <3


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