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  1. I just bought this game on Steam and I am loving it!
  2. Welcome to Christian furs! *hugs* hope you like it here! We always love new members ^.^
  3. Hello CF Friends! I haven't been active on this site very much, but something has been telling me to come back. Not the new layout (which is wicked cool!), but just a feeling. So I guess I'm just saying "Hi" again and I'm ready to get back into good old CF See ya around!
  4. Hey! Cool! Another young fur ! Welcome to Christian furs Star! * hugs* I'm 14, so if you wanna talk to another teen, I'm here ^.^
  5. Coooooool ! Keep it up bro ^.^ you're pretty talented !
  6. Hey hey hey! I remember you! Welcome back bro! *hugs* Shoot me a pm, we can chat :3
  7. Cool suit dude I wanna hug yoooou!! X3
  8. Just got it! It's totally rad dudes :cool:
  9. Welcome to Christian Furs brotha *bro paw*!
  10. I've seen these! They even have brain controlled ears . I'd buy en in a heartbeat >.>
  11. What's up brothaaa? *bro paw* welcome to Christian Furs!
  12. Welcome to Christian furs brotha! *bro paw/chicken claw/chicken wing.. Fist thing.. Basically a bro fist >.>* If you don't mind me asking, how'd you come up with your fursona animal?
  13. Yay! *hugs* another catholic musician :3! I is one too, I play guitar and sing So it's awesome to meet ya dude, I'll c ya around! *bro paw*
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