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    Dear Lord my Father, I am here as your daughter in a time when I see many frustrations, I see so many call to others asking for advice including myself, and I find myself forgetting to come to the one who means everything who is everything. You have told me for the Battle is the Lords, why don't I always come to you why don't others come to you first? Jesus I pray that before we decide to post our troubles to the world that we pray and give them to you. I pray that others will be able to learn to lean on you and to love you with all their heart as I am learning to. Bless my fellow brothers and sisters here and let us be able to witness to other's so that they may meet you and learn of your Good news and the promises of your word. I pray this all in Jesus's name Amen
  2. I played it twice and both times I was on I went too far in the game. I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever play that game again.
  3. I been looking for a good Rp lately would you like to try one maybe we could rp a story of two sisters.
  4. I feel this song is appropriate. As I let my candle dim but due to recent life changes and a choice to say no to some difficult situations for me its time for my candle to burn brighter and for myself to share my light.
  5. Happy Birthday!! *hugs*

  6. tackle hugs "Welcome!! I'm Sakiki!" ever need to talk you can always message me here or look me up on Skype just type in Sakiki
  7. I thought Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest XP
  8. whyy do you always do bible studies when I have my bible study with my church? T_T oh well stick with it Praying for you all
  9. https://d.facdn.net/art/sakiki/1360123252.sakiki___howler.jpg something I just finished up
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