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  1. welcome! Feel free to contact me @ anytime!
  2. hello and welcome to cf feel free to contact me @ anytime
  3. I lol'd their very differnt ehhh too lazy. Atm it's split up in moddb.... idk why but I'm going to wait a little longer.
  4. thank you! somebody who understands yeah I haven't downloaded it, too much traffic going on
  5. black mesa source is out for those who are steam gamers. http://release.blackmesasource.com/ It's about time.
  6. welcome Love the art! feel free to contact me at anytime
  7. No it's just that your judgement is highly invalid
  8. what. It's the same thing lol. You like to have your gameplay crippled? ok The land generator is the decent.
  9. heya keepers, feel free to contact me at anytime
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