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  1. a fight against a broken robot may have shocking conclusions *ba dum tss* i think Humanman would be pretty funny. especially if it was a robot that is completely convinced it is a human. or go with a pirate fennec fox whose attitude is giant in comparison to his /her tiny body and is a clear fanboy of a certain animatronic. you could always go with an MLG parody. such as a Shrek rip-off that sings a parody of Red's song "Already Over" (as Already Ogre). or better yet, a raging 13 year old kid that screams annoyingly and smashes everything and throws Xbox controllers and broken Call of Duty disks at you.
  2. dang...sorry but i've just found out it's broke. sent you a pm.
  3. i know that feeling. Jenna, a character of mine, is a bit like that, but more so comedic relief than imaginary relationship. i'll pray for clarity, and maybe the one who becomes your wife will love Minkshake and, in a way, become her.
  4. i'll sell it for 15 if you want it. it's not doing anything here so i'd be glad to see it go to someone who would actually use it
  5. i read two books from that series but unfortunately, i was unable to find the others...shame. i really did like it.
  6. if you want, i can sell you my original DS. it still works good as new last time i played it although the battery probably needs CPR.
  7. i pray for you... that you will find peace and comfort. i know you'll likely never come back to read this, but i honestly wish that i could have been a better friend for you.
  8. Zvoc, i used Windows Movie Maker for my Camaro and poetry videos. to make the .jpg pictures for WMM on the poetry, i used MS Powerpoint and saves each slide aas a .jpg thanks Groot ^^
  9. it looks cute. i'd like to see a game come out of this. a Pheonix rising from the ashes.
  10. Cool Nathan! we should have some fun being taurs and such sometime and it's cool Zvoc. Cobalt's military job as the Yellow Jacket was a hybrid soldier, and God changed their plans and guided Cobalt to lead a mini-revolution to give justice and to punish the corrupt and the criminals. Also, Cobalt isn't dead there. in the story, he was supposed to drive into a trap a corrupt branch of military set up and die, but he escaped just barely. He had to look like he killed himself, but he didn't. so instead, they took him into a helicopter and put him way up north where he was supposed to get lost and die, but he comes back once again. I won't spoil much else for you ;3 heh, when you focus art on style rather than quality, you see that your cartoony style is an expression of you. it is silly, but it can be serious at times. i focus on anatomy, in keeping the details of a realistic figure. this shows that i'm more realistic within my mind. your art is cartoon-y, with a style of exaggeration on paws/legs and such. that means you like to change your reality into something simpler and cartoon-y and exaggerate your views from what most people think about to what you think about
  11. often i say that i've forgiven others ahead of time. just like how God forgave us when our sins were covered 2000 years ago. I do my best to let things go, and, as Zvoc can testify, when he's done wrong, i hold no grudge or blame or guilt on him, but i help him go to repentance and to turn away from these things and to do better
  12. i know people who need this right now, to keep on trying to the extreme. i hope this brings them hope and encouragement!
  13. here's a short video sampling poems from my mom's book please spread the word! i'd appreciate it! https://youtu.be/b8T4kkY35Nk
  14. *runs away!* oh no oh no oh no! oh wait... *turns around and pouncehugs you, giving you a biiiiiiiiig hug*
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