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Found 2 results

  1. I had a private project I was making this spring out of stress over my relationship, depicting a fantasized version of me going to Maryland to meet my beloved Katelyn. In the game, she was a princess, I was a knight, her father was the king, and upon arrival I discovered she was abducted by a dragon. While I made a fair bit of progress on it and showed her video over Skype, I didn't keep backups of the game files. My computer went kaput early this summer and once I had it looked at by a computer guy, the game's files were among the only ones missing from the hard drive. About a month after I discovered this symbolic destruction of my relationship, Katie decided to call the whole thing off. I did, however, salvage some graphics from screenshots I was taking of the game during development. From these, and a set of graphics I threw together for a collaborative project which never got off the ground, I've started to make a new game. Here, then, are some of the results of those graphics:
  2. Art posted in chronological order of events, not order drawn or sorted by medium. My character's mom, Mousezilla. She is the protector of Mouseburg (and yes, this makes me a Mouseburger). Mousezilla with her mate Sir Gary Flamestache and a litter of their pinkies. As he is a Fairy type and she is a Dragon type, they need to purchase a fairly expensive potion any time they want to conceive. It should be clear visually which of their children grows up to become an Adventurer Player Character. Sir Nathan encounters a wolfcat named Princess Katie. After he gets over the initial fear, he starts approaching and talking to her. They rapidly fall in love. I drew this picture of myself and Katie when I was in the hospital being treated for my appendicitis. It is the first picture I drew of us. Sir Nathan sets up residence in the walls of the castle belonging to Princess Katie's parents. They play together in her bedroom or the kitchen from time to time, but his nature as a dormouse requires much sleep so play is sporadic. On some days the princess finds herself mysteriously shrunken to the mouse's size. He protects her using his talent for physical violence. The Spirit of the Moon blesses the couple (represented by crescent marks on the fur of their foreheads, or in some older drawings a white drop on his). This in spite of protestations from some of the other forest animals that a cat and a mouse are not suitable mates. Katie is elevated to a status of Volcano Spirit and must spend four years asleep in the lava to keep it from erupting and destroying the surrounding area. Sir Nathan takes up adventuring to pass those years.
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