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  1. Hey there! Welcome to the forums. I'm on steam tool, what kind of games do you have? I love dragons! X3
  2. Hello there and welcome! ^^
  3. Yea ummm.....I have never used it so I wouldn't know. XD
  4. Yea im fairly certain I have you on Skype. Didn't we do a few RPs together? One portal themed? And another fallout themed? And you said you like feet? =P Unless that was a different fruit bat I met? Ghost writting is more then just one person writting a book. It works on many levels. Basicly it's just someone who helps people get their ideas onto paper, help edit, refine it and such. What ever they would need.
  5. Ironicly English was my strongest subject...even my teahers were a bit taken aback. Took awhile for me to get my parents to belive it...lol But anyway, I do some Ghost writting on the side. I happen to have one slot open. Would love to help you out. And I already have you on Skype. ^^
  6. Lol wow! That explains it! I wish it was that easy!
  7. I got 1942, secret weapons of WW2 road to roam and Vietnam that's it.
  8. Philosophy! FTW! ^^ *Pounces the fluffy lion!* Welcome! Have you ever explored the symbolism in Alice and wonder land? I'm reading it right now and it's pretty cool!
  9. Lol at first I was like. O.o then I was like. >.> Then I was all like ^^ Funny stuff you got there!
  10. VC_Wolffe


    Lol I used to...again really old game...things like second life and such kind made it useless...
  11. GTA IV! With the zombie invasion mod! And the law enforcement mod. Lol Minecraft. half life, all the games.... Sims 3 anthro mod Amnisa ( is that how you spell it?)
  12. welcome Todd! ^^ *Glomps and hugs*
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