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    Star Fox, gaming, drawing, computers, robotics, graphic design, filming stuff, photography, music, singing, building random things, Horse back riding,hunting, reading my bible, cooking, and Furry conventions.
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    Siberian Husky
  1. If you add me on skype, send me a message on here as well please. I get alot of credit card scams from bots... It'd help so that you don't get blocked ;)

  2. Alrighty, here it is. XD The wedding Disciple Devil wears prada under oath Demon Oh sleeper August burns red becoming the archetype love and death all that remains Haste the day emery *pulls up youtube and begins to listen to all the bands*
  3. So driving around with my cousin the day before yesterday and I tell him I listen to metal, then he starts showing me all these metal christian bands and I'm like "WUT?! WY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS EXISTED?!" If y'all want a list of all the bands he showed me or have any you know of then lemme know.
  4. Congrats! Good luck and stuffs!
  5. Howdy Brain! and welcome to Christian furs> *tips hat*
  6. Howdy, and welcome to CF! *tips hat* I hope ya enjoy your stay here.
  7. Your average Husky, full of energy and loving.

  8. Kaltxì, ma tsmukan, ma tsmuke. Oel ngati kameie. :D

  9. Jeremiah 29:11 is my life verse. :D

  10. ThinnestPrism i may be changing it to Dimitri West after my bday
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